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Electricity Comes From Other PlaNETs
- Lou Reed in Temptation inside your Heart

The long awaited authorized documentary of one of rock 'n roll's legendary bands is in production,
and we are looking to you for help!

The Velvet Underground is calling on their loyal fanbase to hike up to those attics, dust off those boxes and dive into any treasured materials you have been holding on to for a moment like this.

Critically acclaimed director Todd Haynes and his team have been working closely with the band and Universal Music/Verve Records to uncover treasures to bring this film to life, but now we need YOU to make their story come alive in a way that has never been done before!

Since the band’s short career existed in relative obscurity in terms of major coverage by local and national television stations, we are asking you to help us portray the amazing, life changing experience[s] that occurred with this legendary group by sharing your beloved personal materials of the Velvet Underground including:
* Velvet Underground performance footage/photos
* Photos / home videos of you / your friends at a Velvet Underground show
* Ephemera/posters advertising the performances
* Newspaper clippings from your local print highlighting/advertising the shows

Please do not send any images or videos initially, only send us a short note telling us what you have available including the date, and a general description of what you have (example: "May 26th, 1967 at the Boston Tea Party, 8mm silent footage shot and owned by myself").

If we use the material in the final film we will pay you a licensing fee. Send the descriptions of your photos, audio, and/or films to us at and we will follow up about reviewing your material. Thank you, and stay in touch!

- J Daniel Torres, Production Assistant


The Velvet Underground
The Complete Matrix Tapes
The Complete Matrix Tapes
4-CD set.
Recorded live at The Matrix,
San Francisco CA
26 & 27 November 1969

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The Velvet Underground
Loaded: Reloaded
45th Anniversary Edition

5-CD+DVD set. Includes Loaded remastered, mono mix, rarities, 1970 live at Max's & Second Fret...
Full info here.

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The Velvet Underground
45th Anniversary
Super Deluxe Edition

6-CD set. Includes Valentin, Lou Reed & mono mixes, remastered versions of 1969 studios tracks
& live Matrix 1969 recordings
Full info here.

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Also available:
2CD Deluxe Edition
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Gettin' Home
Steve Nelson | Gettin' Home
Memoir by Steve Nelson of his 10-year journey from living in the Andes to running The Boston Tea Party and Woodrose Ballroom.
Full info here

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The Velvet Underground
New York Extravaganza

The Velvet Underground | New York Extravaganza
224-page 28x21.5 cm (11x8¼") catalogue of The Velvet Underground | New York Extravaganza 2016 exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris

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The Inevitable World of
The Velvet Underground

The Inevitable World Of The Velvet Underground
The most comprehensive collection of articles & ads ever collected together in one place. 504 pages.
Limited Edition of 500.
By Alfredo Garcia
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Singles & EPs
CD box sets
1993 Reunion Tour CDs
Afterhours tapes
TV appearances
DVD, VHS & Laserdiscs
1993 Reunion Tour videos
Afterhours video tapes
Flashing on the VU 1966
photos by Lisa Law
Flashing on the VU 1966 - part 2
more photos by Lisa Law
Recording session, May 6, 1969
previously unseen photos by William 'Popsie' Randolph
'69 on the Road
rare shots from 1969 by Doug Yule
The Lost Loaded Shots
by Henri ter Hall / collection Steve Nelson
The Velvets that time forgot
1971 post-Lou VU photos
La Cave, October 4, 1968
3 rare live tracks
A Night With The VU
rare photos and 25-min Sister Ray live at the Boston Tea Party '68
Praise Ye The Lord
40 minutes of the "Legendary Guitar Amp Tape" in Realaudio!
Toronto Pop Festival 69
exclusive live version of Heroin
Sterling Morrison 1969
interview with Sterling Morrison
The Lowdown on Loaded
by Sal Mercuri
Head Held High
interview with Doug Yule
Sterling Memories
by Doug Yule
Reflections In A Lone Star Beer
interview with Sterling Morrison
Peel Slowly And See - The Velvet Underground Box
a review by Sal Mercuri
So What's With The Fourth Chord ?
by Ignacio Julia

The unanimous opinion was that we were 10 times better live than we were on records (Sterling Morrison, April 1981)

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including known tapes, posters, ads, setlists etc. Special thanks to Gordon Lyon & Aral Sezen.

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