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Life - May 27, 1966

Wild New Flashy Bedlam of the Discotheque

LIFE, p. 72-73, May 27, 1966

Large (7¼ x 12½ inches) color photo of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable at The Trip in West Hollywood CA, early May 1966.

"Andy Warhol's touring troupe, The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, creates a cacophony for dancers at The Trip in Los Angeles, while films of troupe, made by Warhol, are shown on screen."

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KYA Beat May 28, 1966

A Happening!

(KYA/KRLA/The) Beat, Volume 1, Number 44, May 28, 1966, p. 13, San Francisco, California

Full-page Exploding Plastic Inevitable picture collage made from photos shot by Howard L. Bingham at The Trip in Hollywood CA. It shows people attending the event but also EPI dancers, Nico, Lou Reed and Moe Tucker.

Reproduced in Up-Tight - The Velvet Underground Story (p. 43).

VOX Teen Beat | VOL. II - NO. 2 | 1966

The Velvet Underground Vibrates

VOX Teen Beat VOL. II - NO. 2, 1966, p. 8, Sepulveda, California

Article with photo.

The Vox Showroom


Andy Warhol: Plastic Inevitable

In-Beat, p. 18 & 20, November 1966

EPI article with photos. Reproduced in The Inevitable World of The Velvet Underground (p. 80-81).


'Sweet Cyrkle Sound | Discs a la DEBBI | SUNDAY MORNING

WMCA GO, January 20, 1967

Brief review of Sunday Morning single.

Reproduced in The Inevitable World of The Velvet Underground (p. 94).

Vibrations 2

The Velvet Underground And Nico

Timothy Jacobs

Vibrations no. 2, July 1967

Includes a two parter - PSYCHEDELIA WEST - EAST, Country Joe & The Fish and The Velvet Underground. The Velvet Underground & Nico album review story is by Timothy Jacobs. The last two pages have Velvet Underground photos, Lou on stage and one of John Cale. There's also one of Nico and Andy Warhol reading newspapers together - they are candid photos by Ron Carter. The Lou and Velvets photos look like they are from The Boston Tea Party stage.

Reproduced in The Velvet Underground - New York Art (p. 200). Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 51-52).

The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle - Number 4 - Aug-Sep 1967

Interview With The Velvet Underground

Joel F.

The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle, Number 4, Cleveland OH, August-September 1967

The author/interviewer's name is Joel Friedman. He was only 17 years old at the time of the interview.

Available online at Cleveland Memory.

Notes From The Underground

Susan Pile

Barnard Bulletin, November 29, 1967, p. 5

Reproduced in The Velvet Underground - New York Art (p. 201).

Digital Archive of Barnard Bulletin

Esquire | December 1967

The Party's Over

Gay Talese

Esquire, Volume LXVIII No. 6 Whole No. 409, p. 168-172, December 1967

Review of a live show at The Gymnasium in April 1967, plus a couple of photos: one of the audience, and another one of dancers with Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison on stage.


Round Velvet Underground

Sandy Pearlman

Crawdaddy!, no. 16, p. 36, June 1968, New York

4-page article, with 2 black and white photographs by Ken Greenberg.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 61-63).

Hullabaloo Vol. 3 No. 4

The above-ground sound of The Velvet Underground


Hullabaloo, Vol. 3 No. 4, p. 56, May/June 1968, New York

1-page article with two black & white photos by Ralph Garcia (from White Light/White Heat promo series). Also includes a full-page ad for White Light/White Heat LP (p. 9) plus a contest with Velvet Underground LPs and 45s to win (p. 64).

Reproduced in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 59).

The Boston Sound / The Velvet Underground & Mel Lyman

Wayne McGuire

Crawdaddy!, Issue 17, p. 43-44 & 46-48, August 1968, New York NY

5-page article.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 65-78).

Vibrations no. 10

New York Art And The Velvet Underground

Jonathan Richman

Vibrations, no. 10, September 1968

3-page article with one photo by Jonathan Richman.

Interview With Lou Reed

Ramblin' Jim Martin

Open City #78, November 1968

Interview with Lou Reed.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 109-118).

Screen Life, March 1969

Taking the Country By Storm!

Margo Rose

Screen Life, March 1969, p. 31 & 64

1½-page article illustrated with a White Light/White Heat promo session photo.

"Because Andy Warhol discovered them, everyone thought the Velvets were just a put-on.. They're kooky and wild, all right-but their music proves they're for real!"

Fusion No. 8

Velvet Underground: Problems in Urban Living

Robert Somma

Fusion No. 8, April 14, 1969, Boston MA

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 86-97).

America's Underthirty Magazine (AUM) | MAY/1969

Outposts | New York | ... Velvet Underground

Lillian Roxon

America's Underthirty Magazine (AUM), MAY/1969, p. 13
May 1969

News item part of the Outposts | New York section, with one photo from 3rd album 'couch' session.

"No one has ever accused the New York's Velvet Underground of being an incredible straight band. Anyone who sings a song called "Heroin" can't be all bad. But if you've always wanted to know what goes on on the other side of the mirror, if you want to go to hell and back without moving from your earphones, the Velvet Underground tells you. The songs are paintings in sound, mini-documentaries of evil, beautifuland sad and desesperate with violins that sound like whips and singers whose contempt drips from their words like runny treacle. It all makes Jim Morrison and his boys sound like Boy Scouts. The Velvets never got the big hype everyone else did, so people are only just starting to get into them and their music."

Scene II | September 1969



Delaware Valley Scene | Disco SCENE II, September 1969

Velvet Underground interview.

Crawdaddy - Vol. iV No. 4 - January 1970

A Rock Band Can Be A Form Of Yoga

Lita Eliscu

Crawdaddy!, Vol. IV, No. 4, January 1970, New York NY

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1. Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 125-132).

Fusion | No. 28 | March 6, 1970

c/o The Velvet Underground New York, N.Y.

Robert Greenfield, Greg Barrios

Fusion No. 28, March 6, 1970, Boston MA, p. 1 &8-13

Velvet Underground history and long interview with Sterling, conducted by Greg Barrios late 1969. Photos by Ronn Campisi (3), Roswell Angier (1) and Ken Greenberg (2).

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 133-154).

New Times Vol 1 No 1

The Velvet Underground

Lenny Kaye

New Times, Volume 1 Number 1, April 20, 1970, New York NY, p. 22-24 & 29

3-page article with 2 photos by Ronn Campisi.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 155-165).


New York | ... Velvet Underground


CIRCUS, p. 66-67, May 1970

News item in the New York section, with one photo cropped from 3rd album cover with Bazaar magazine unretouched however.

"New York's most beloved group, the Velvet Underground, have signed with Atlantic Recxords, The Velvets, who were with MGM for three albums, and beautiful ones they were, will be playing concerts and doing the whole gig scene. Although they wouldn't play New York unless it was Philharmonic Hall, you'll probably be seing and hearing them a lot. Buy their albums, you won't regret it."

Circus - June 1970

Velvet Underground: Musique and Mystique Unveiled

Phil Morris

CIRCUS, Vol. 4 No. 7, p. 54-55, June 1970

2-page article with 4 black & white photos: Lou Reed, Doug Yule & Sterling Morrison portrayed by Joe Sia plus Moe Tucker cropped out a promo photo for the first album.

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1 (p. 13, with 3 photos of 4 missing). Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 166-170).

"The First group to use controlled feedback has signed with Atlantic and will be releasing an album shortly. Here comes the wawes."

Velvet Underground: 'Velvet' Rock Group Opens Stand Here

Mike Jahn

New York Times, July 4, 1970

Review of The Velvet Underground at Max's Kansas City.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 174-175).

Velvets Come Out Of Exile

Disc And Music Echo, July 11, 1970

Article about the beginning of a 14 night stand at Max's Kansas City

Fusion | No. 40 | September 18, 1970

Kansas City in the Summertime: The Velvet Underground at Max's

Tom Mancuso

Fusion No. 40, September 18, 1970, Boston MA, p. 14-15

2-page review of The Velvet Underground at Max's Kansas City. Photos by Ronn Campisi (1) and Roswell Angier (2).

"Another in our relentless campaign to shed some light on just where the best rock and roll music is played. We've said it before, of course. And we'll probably have to say it again."

Reproduced and reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 184-188).

Circus - September 1970



Circus, September 1970

Review of a gig at Max's Kansas City with Doug Yule's brother sitting in on drums, replacing an ailing Maureen Tucker.

Rolling Stone 73

The Velvet Underground: Loaded

Lenny Kaye

Rolling Stone, December 24, 1970

Review of Loaded.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 189-193).

Fusion | No. 49 | February 5, 1971

The Velvet Underground

Ben Edmonds

Fusion No. 49, February 5, 1971, Boston MA, p. 20 & 22

1½-page Loaded review. Plus full-page Loaded ad (p. 2)

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 211-219).

Circus - Vol. 5, No. 4 - February 1971

Beyond Warhol, The Velvet Underground, "Loaded"

Danny Goldberg

Circus, Vol. 5, No. 4, p. 32-33, February 1971

2-page article with one b&w photo of Lou Reed live at Max's Kansas City during Summer 1970, shot by Lee Childers (uncredited) - subtitled "Lou Reed, the Mick Jagger of the group".

Creem - Vol. 3 No. 2 - May 1971

Dead Lie the Velvets Underground - R.I.P. - Long Live Lou Reed

Lester Bangs

Creem, vol. 3, no. 2, p. 44-49 & 64-67, May 1971

The definitive Velvet Underground article, 10 pages with 9 rare B&W photographs by Lee Childers and Charles Angier. Reprinted in Best Of Creem, 15th anniversary issue, December 1984, with different photographs however.

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1. Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 220-242).

Coast FM & Fine Arts - May 1971

The Insects of Someone Else's Thought: Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground

Geoffrey Cannon

Coast FM & Fine Arts, p. 34-37, May 1971

Cover plus 4-page article with two pics from 3rd album promo photos.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 196-205).

Hit Parader - No. 131 - June 1975

The Velvet Underground: A Skin-Deep View

Lance Loud

Hit Parader, No. 131, p. 26-29, June 1975

4-page article with 8 color & B&W photos.

"Lance Loud recalls The Exploding Plastic Inevitable."

New Wave rock lauded by its harbinger

Joe Nick Patoski

Austin American-Statesman, October 22, 1978

1½-page interview with Sterling Morrison, including 2 photographs by Lon Cooper. "Velvet Underground's Sterling Morrison sees a revitilization in rock music".

Kicks #1

I was a Velveteen

Rob Norris

Kicks #1, 1979

Story of the Velvet Underground line-up from 1965 to 1972, including interesting live reviews.

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1.

NY Rocker, Jul-Aug 1980

An Inevitable Explosion

Alan Betrock & others

New York Rocker, p. 23-29, July-August 1980

Extented 7-page Velvet Underground special. Velvet Underground cover. One-page after punk what article by Alan Betrock with the famous "veranda" photo used for May '69 Woodrose Ballroom poster. Quiet, Mommy's Recording, one-page interview with Moe by Byron Coley, illustrated with a photo by RP Angier. Reflections In A Lone Star Beer, one-page interview with Sterling by Nick Modern. Two-page time-line story by Philip Milstein, fully illustrated with photos. An essay by Stephanie Chernikowski including a review of the Velvet Underground in Austin, TX. And finally a collage of Lou Reed photos from Rosalind Stevenson's Sunday Morning film with texts by Lester Bangs and Gerard Malanga, and a brief discography. The whole thing has been reproduced in the xeroxed booklet included in Everything You've Ever Heard About... box set.

Creem - July 1981

White Light / Dark Shadows

Robot A. Hull

Creem, Volume 13 No. 2, p. 22-23, 25 & 58-60, July 1981

"The untold story of the group". 6-page with 3 B&W photos: 1 from White Light/White Heat promo photo session by Ralph Garcia, 1 from Bataclan 1972 with John Cale & Nico by Ebet Roberts, and 1 uncredited with early '70s Lou Reed.

Billboard - February 9, 1985

Velvet Underground Surfaces Again

Fred Goodman

Billboard, Volume 97 No. 6, February 9, 1985

1/3-page article about VU - A Collection Of Previously Unreleased Recordings, including interview with Bill Levenson.

"Previously unreleased tracks due out this month."

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SPIN - Volume 1 Number 1 - May 1985

Platter du jour | The Velvet Underground | VU

Mick Farren

SPIN, Volume 1 Number 1, p. 28-29, May 1985

1½-page review of VU with 2 photos by Donald Greenhaus.

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Forced Exposure #7/8 | Summer 1985

The Velvet Underground And Nico

transcribed by Dan Ireton, intro by Byron Coley

Forced Exposure #7/8, Summer 1985, p. 26-27 & 57

Transcription of the Music Factory interview.

SPIN - Volume 2 Number 5 - August 1986

Platter du jour | The Velvet Underground | Another View

Lafcadio Bougainvillia

SPIN, Volume 2 Number 5, p. 27, August 1986

1-page review of Another View, with one photo shot live at The Trip in 1966 by Lisa Law.

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Creem, November 1987

"Some Kinda Love..." 20 Years Of The Velvet Underground

Bill Holdship, Roy Trakin, John Neilson, Thomas Anderson

Creem, vol. 19, no. 3, November 1987

"The Final Truth!". Full Velvet Underground colored cover and 9-page including interviews with Lou, John, Moe, Sterling, Doug, Nico, and LaMonte Young.

Goldmine #214

Exploding/Inevitable - An Annotated Discography

M.C. Kostek

Goldmine, Vol. 14, No. 21, Issue 214, p. 6-12, 14, 16 & 18, October 7, 1988

Cover. 10-page complete discography and price guide, with black and white photographs.

Spin - Volume 9, Number 6 - September 1993

Live! Olympia, Paris, France, June 15-17

Ira Kaplan

SPIN, Volume 9, Number 6, p. 129-130, September 1993

2-page review of 1993 reunion gig in Paris.

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Guitar Player - February 1994

Profile - The Velvet Underground

Joe Gore

Guitar Player, Issue 290, Vol. 28, No. 2, p. 19-20 & 36, February 1994

2-page article/interview with Sterling Morrison focusing on guitar/amp stuff. One color photo by Paul Haggard..

"Are Sterling Morrison & Company Still Too Radical?"

The Bob - Issue No. 47 - Winter 1994

Moe Better Blues / Beginning To See The Light / Like A Dirty French Novel...

Thomas Anderson, Julie Nikel

The Bob, Issue No. 47, p. 23-26, Winter 1994

Velvet Underground cover. 4-page article (interview with Moe, story, and "report from European front"). Came with a free flexidisc with Moe's Teenager In Love.

Billboard - August 19, 1995

Velvet Underground Surfaces With New Polydor 5-CD Set

Chris Morris

Billboard, p. 6 & 85, August 19, 1995

Review of Peel Slowly And See 5-CD box set.


Sterling Morrison Of The Velvet Underground Dies

Chris Morris

Billboard, p. 12 & 50, September 16, 1995

Sterling Morrison obituary.

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SPIN - Volume 11, Numero 8 - November 1995

Sterling Morrison, 1942-1995

Julia Chaplin

SPIN, Volume 11, Number 8, p. 40, November 1995

¼-page tribute to Sterling Morrison, with 1-color photo.

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Peel Slowly And See

Tom Carson

SPIN, Volume 11, Number 8, p. 123, November 1995

½-page review of Peel Slowly And See box set. Same issue has an ad for the box (p. 126).

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The Velvet Underground | Peel Slowly And See

CMJ New Music Monthly, December 1995, p. 4

Peel Slowly and See box set review - as part of the "Music Buyer's Holyday Gift Guide".

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SPIN - Volume 11, Numero 11 - February 1996

Beginning to See the Light

Robert Christgau

SPIN, Volume 11, Number 11, p. 28, February 1996

full-page article about The Velvet Underground Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, with 4 photos (2 by Jim Cummins from Loaded studio sessions, 2 from Suzan Cooper Archives).

"The Velvet Underground enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's about time."

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Velvets' Set 'Loaded' With New Music

Chris Morris

Billboard, p. 11 & 14, January 11, 1997

Loaded - Fully Loaded Edition review.

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Gadfly Vol. 3 No.1

Sister Ray / What's Welsh For Zen

Paul Williams, David Dalton

Gadfly Vol. 3 No. 1, p. 6-7, 13-17 & 58-61, January 1999

VU special including an essay about Sister Ray by Paul Williams and an interview with John Cale by David Dalton. It has a Loaded - Fully Loaded Edition review as well.

Goldmine - Issue 624

The last days of The Velvet Underground

Dave Thomson

Goldmine Vol 30 No 13, Issue 624, p. 14-18, June 25, 2004

The article focused on the Max's gig and post-Lou era. Includes photos from Doug Yule collection and a complete priced Velvet Underground discography by Tim Neely.

"On Aug. 23, 1970, Lou Reed played his last show with The Velvet Underground, the band he had led since its formation as psychotic, anti-pop theater, five years before. Fittingly, the group's final shows, like their first, were in New York, the city that bred the band, informed their earliest music and, a two-year middle estrangement not-withstanding, remained their spiritual center throughout their existence."

The Velvet Underground Play Portland

Ryan Dirks - Illustration: Aaron Renier

Portland Mercury, November 25, 2004, p. 17

One-page story of the discovery of an original acetate of the April 25, 1966 Scepter studios sessions.

"How an original Velvet Underground acetate wound up in Portland (and could be the most expensive record in the World!)"

Portland Mercury

Dynamite Hemorrhage | ISSUE #3 | 2016

The Velvet Underground Appreciation Society: An Appreciation

Jay Hinman

Dynamite Hemorrhage, ISSUE #3, May 2016

5-page interview with Phil Milstein. "The definitive story of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND APPRECIATION SOCIETY, as told through an interview with VUAS founder Phil Milstein. Find out what it was like to lead the secret society of Velvets fiends in the 1970s and how Milstein managed VUAS with the fans and with the Velvet Underground members themselves."

"I'd been wanting to get the inside story of the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society for some time, so this spring Phil Milstein and I conducted the following electronic mail exchange."

Dynamite Hemorrhage

Dynamite Hemorrhage | ISSUE #6 | 2019

a critical guide to Velvet Underground Bootlegs

Jay Hinman

Dynamite Hemorrhage | ISSUE #6
21 x 14,6 cm, 2019

10-page guide to a selection of Velvet Underground bootlegs.

"What does the extra-obsessed Velvet Underground obsessive do upon commiting every song, every note, every genre-furthering invention from the band's four albums, the two post-breakup collections and the box set to memory? If you're like me and at least several dozen of obsessives I know (or know about), you dive deep & hard into the murky and oftenincredibly rewarding world of the Velvet Underground bootleg. This happened to me a couple of decades ago, and I'm still digging."

Dynamite Hemorrhage


Will the real Michael Leigh...? The paperback writer behind THE VELVET UNDERGROUND

Phil Milstein

27,4 x 21,4 cm, Winter 2020

12-page investigation about The Velvet Underground paperback from which the band took its name.

"The name Michael Leigh vexed me for a very long time. It appears as the author's byline of The Velvet Underground, the 1963 exploitation paperback from which the legendary rock group took its name. It is a fact of exploitation publishing that a credited name invariably cloaks an author's true identity, a pseudonym employed for any of a variety of reasons. Ever since I acquired my copy of The Velvet Underground over 40 years ago, I've been wondering who "Michael Leigh" really was. Surely it wasn't any actual Michael Leigh."

Ugly Things


Lou Reed's guitar... and other stories

Jonathan Richman, introduction by Jay Dobis

27,4 x 21,4 cm, Spring 2021

5-page article.

Ugly Things

UGLY THINGS | #60 | Summer 2022


Phil Milstein

UGLY THINGS | Summer 2022 | #60
27,4 x 21,4 cm, Summer 2022

25-page of Terry Philips and pre-VU/early VU history.

Ugly Things


Andy Warhol Does It Again

Pop-See-Cul, NO.4, p. 34-37, November 1966

Cover + 4-p with article & 2 full-page photos by Nat Finkelstein. Reproduced in The Inevitable World of The Velvet Underground (p. 78-79).

artscanada issue 105

Velvet Underground in Hamilton

Barry Lord

Arts Canada, no. 105, February 1967

3-page article reviewing an EPI performance at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Fully illustrated with 10 photos by Ian MacEachern. The text was reprinted in Up-tight - The Velvet Underground Story (p. 65).

"Arts/canada attends McMaster University's multiscreen audio-visual psychedelic evening."

The Velvet Underground

Vancouver Free Press, November 22-28, 1968

1-page interview with "Lou Reed, John Morrison (?!), Maureen Tucker and Doug Yule", with one exclusive Lou Reed photo.

Reproduced in c/o The Velvet Underground New York, N.Y. catalog.

Poppin May 1968

Velvet Underground

Poppin, May 1969

5-page interview with Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison with scribbly art.

Reproduced in c/o The Velvet Underground New York, N.Y. catalog.

The Flower Scene - No. 2 - November 1967

The Velvet Underground and Nico...

The Flower Scene and The Love Generation, No. 2, November 1967

1-page article plus one photo.

Disc November LP Special

Disc and Music Echo, November 18, 1967

The Velvet Underground & Nico review. 1 black & white photo of Nico.


Pop Music | The Velvet Underground

Tim Souster

The Listener, July 4, 1968

White Light/White Heat review.


Hollywood Scene

Judy Sims

Disc and Music Echo, November 30, 1968

The Velvet Underground - new boy, Doug Yule, talks to Hollywood Scene writer Judith Sims.

Melody Maker - October 25, 1969

History of the Velvets - It's a shame that nobody listens

Richard Williams

Melody Maker, October 25, 1969

Brief history with reviews of the first three albums.

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1. Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 119-121).

Zigzag - N°16 - October 1970

The Velvet Underground

Lenny Kaye

Zigzag, No 16, October 1970, p. 23-24 & 36

3-page article (reprinted from NY New Times) with 3 photos (including a ½-page one by Ronn Campisi).

"Until their return in July of this year when they played a 14 night gig at Max's Kansas City Restaurant, they hadn't worked in New York for three years. If you asked, they told you it was because there were no clubs left to play there, or that they just couldn't stand Bill Graham, or any number of other Official Reasons. But it's more than that, you know, much more. There was a scene there once, a collection of people, places and things... a meeting in time and space that happened at a single point and will probably never occur in that way again."

Friends - Number eighteen - November 13th 1970

Putting on the style to cover up the agony

Dick Pountain

Friends, Number eighteen, p. 14-15, November 13, 1970

2-page review of the first show at Max's Kansas City in June 1970.

Reprinted in All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground in Print 1966-1971 (p. 176-83).

IT - 97 - FEB 11 >> 25

Velvet Underground

It, 97, February 11-25, 1971, p. 5-7

3-page interview with Sterling Morrison (same as Fusion interview, but not credited as such). 3 photos by Ronn Campisi, 1 by Lynn Goldsmith (all uncredited).

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1.

Zigzag - N° 18 - March 1971

The Insects Of Someone Else's Thoughts - Lou Reed, & The Velvet Underground

Geoffrey Cannon

Zigzag, N° 18, March 1971

2-page article.

Repoduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1.

"Eyes, in New york, betray, or reveal, more of a person than anywhere I've been in Europe. In the subways, most people avert any gaze, or else their eyes flicker and judder, subjects of pain and pressure."

Velvet Underground - They're just plain folks

Andrew Lycett

Melody Maker, April 17, 1971, p. 21

½-page article including a brief Max's review (Some Kinda Love, Sister Ray). Small insert on cover. One B&W photo.

Time Out - October 8-14, 1971

Velvet Underground The Janitors of Lunacy

Geoffrey Cannon

Time Out - The Living Guide To All London's Events, October 8-14 1971, p. 20-21 & 23

Front cover reads "Velvet Underground The Janitors of Lunacy - on the college circuit". 3-page feature on the upcoming "Velveteen" UK tour. There is also a short tour date listing some of the upcoming London shows.

"No American rock band has been so nearly buried alive in a coffin of mythology and mystifying twiddle-twaddle as the Velvet Underground. The band reaches these shores for the first time, under its collective name, this week. Geoffrey Cannon fills in the background before the real rocking begins. Take it away Geoffrey..."

Lowdown On The Underground

Tony Stewart

New Musical Express, October 30, 1971

Article focuses on an interview with Doug Yule after a performance at Kingston Poly. One rare photo of Morrison-Powers-Tucker-Yule line-up.

"Tony Stewart reports on the 'mysterious' Velvet Underground - a super-hip cult based on four reluctant 'intellectuals'".

Zigzag 41

Chicago Happenings

Larry McCombs

Zigzag 41, Vol 5 No 1, April/May 1974

One-page review of EPI at Poor Richard's, Chicago, June 24, 1966, first published in Boston Broadside, July 1966. One B&W photo of Lou Reed live at Max's in 1970 by Lee Childers.

"When Andy Warhol first unleashed The Velvet Underground in New York, people were astonished. When he let them loose in the provinces, no-one knew what the hell was happening! Here's an interesting eye-witness account of their debut in Chicago."

Velvet Underground: opening doors of perception - Rock giants from A-Z

Steve Lake

Melody Maker, May 25, 1974, p. 27-28

Full-page history - part of the Rock giants from A-Z series - backed with a full-page B&W photo collage. Same issue has a full-page ad for Lou Reed's Rock 'n' Roll Animal album with UK tour dates, a review of Lou Reed's appearance at Charlton Festival with a B&W photo, and an ad for Tony Conrad's Outside The Dream Syndicate.

"'You put your head on the floor and have somebody step on it.' Not so much a bizarre variant on sado-masochism as a piece of stoned-out gibberish. But nonetheless, Lou Reed and John Cale mimed to 'The Ostrich' on the Dick Clarck show, got featured by Vogue as the perpetrators of a new dance craze, and somehow wound up with a rock and roll band named the Velvet Underground."

Sounds, May 14, 1977


Velvet Underground starring Andy Warhol

Giovanni Dadomo

Sounds, May 14, 1977, p. 18-20 & 22

Full-page Velvet Underground cover: "The Velvets - A punk legend unpeeled". 4-page history by Giovanni Dadomo. Two other separate episodes about Lou Reed and solo.

Reproduced in Velvet Underground Scrapbook Volume 1.

"You wanna know about The Velvet Underground, is that right? I see, somebody told you that if you weren't for The Velvets there'd be no such thing as 'punk rock', or at the very least that today's teen rebels would probably look and sound one hell of a lot different if the V.U. had never existed. Not to mention the fact that without Lou Reed the people who make leather jackets and shades would probably have gone bankrupt years ago. Alright then, let me set you straight."

NME - 25 April 1981

The Lost History Of The Velvet Underground

Mary Harron

New Musical Express, April 25, 1981, p. 27-30 & 53

5-page article based on an interview with Sterling Morrison, with 8 B&W photographs - some rarely seen. Small insert on cover.

"The Velvet Underground were the first avant-garde rock band, and the greatest."



The History of Rock, Vol. 5, No 51, 1982, London

5-page VU history.

Record Collector - no. 49

The Velvet Underground

Brian Hogg

Record Collector no. 49, p. 25-28, September 1983

4-page article with discography.

"Cult American band of the late sixties, masterminded by Lou Reed and John Cale, who still exert a massive influence on rock musicians all over the world."


Music | Pop's Outlaws

Jon Savage

New Society, 13 October 1983

1-page article with one b&w photo ("John Cale and Lou Reed rehearsing at the Factory" by Stephen Shore, 1966, same photo as in Up-tight | The Velvet Underground Story book, p. 57).

NME | 12 December 1983 | cover

Up-tight And Alright / VU Rarities

Mat Snow, Chris Carter

New Musical Express, 10 December 1983

⅔-page review by Mat Snow of Up-tight | The Velvet Underground Story book by Victor Bockris & Gerard Malanga, plus "Meanwhile, Chris Carter presents the true loony obsessive's guide to VU rarities".

Sounds - May 10, 1986

The Velvet Underground - Info Riot

Barry Lazell, Sandy Robertson

SOUNDS, MAY 10, 1986, p. 18
16.75 x 11.8 inch

Full-page review of 5-LP box set The Velvet Underground (Polydor VUBOX1, UK, 1986) with UK discography and 2 photos. Same issue has a review of Lou Reed's Mistrial album (p. 24-25).

Sounds - August 9, 1986

Now Reed On - The Velvet Underground revisited - Info Riot

Barry Lazell

Sounds, August 8, 1986, p. 13

½-page review of unofficial records (Evil Mothers, Etc., And So On, Everything You've Ever Heard), with one White Light/White Heat promo session photo.

Record Collector - no. 120

The Velvet Underground On CD

Clinton Heylin

Record Collector, No. 120, p. 45-47, August 1989

3-page fully detailed review of the Velvet Underground CD catalog, with 2 photos by Gerard Malanga and Nat Finkelstein.

"Clinton Heylin reviews the back catalogue."


Friendly patchwork of ageing Velvet

Nick Kent

The Sunday Correspondent, June 24, 1990

Story of the 1990 Fondation Cartier reunion.


Nothing compares tu VU

Christian Fevret

NME, June 27, 1990

Story of the 1990 Fondation Cartier reunion.


White Heat

Allan Brown

Melody Maker, June 30, 1990

1990 Fondation Cartier reunion feature.

NME 10.06.1990

The exploding plastic interview

Christian Fevret & David Swift

New Musical Express, 6 October, 1990, p. 22-24

3-page article, first part of an edited English version of the epic interview originally published in French magazine Les Inrockuptibles no. 24. Includes many photos.

NME 10.13.1990

The exploding plastic interview part 2

Christian Fevret & David Swift

New Musical Express, October 13, 1990, p. 20-21 & 23

2½-page article, second part of the article above. More photos.

Melody Maker - May 29, 1993

Notes From The Underground

Allan Jones

Melody Maker, May 29, 1993, p. 42-44

Insert on cover. 3-page article based on a interview with John Cale for the 1993 Velvet Underground reunion tour and a reprint of a 1978 interview with Lou Reed. Same issue has also a news item about a forthcoming CD box set (p. 4).

"The Velvet Underground are arguably the most brillant and innovative rock band ever. they are certainly the most imitated and influential. As former Pixie Black Francis once famously told MM, they might not have sold many records during their brief career, but everyone who heard them was inspired to form a band. the Velvets were the darlings of Sixties New York and the Warhol set, and in changing the face of music as we knew it, they self-destructed in an orgy of drugs, paranoia and internal conflict after only four classic albums. Against the odds, the VU have reformed for a series of concerts this summer. On the eve of their first full shows together in nearly 30 years, Allan Jones talks to founder member John Cale in Paris and overleaf, recalls a classic encounter with Lou Reed."

"Now we've got a chance to really do it. Not a lot of bands get a second chance, so it's up to us to do it right this time. We've got another crack at it, which is amazing" - John Cale

NME | 5 June 1993

50 in their shades

Keith Cameron, Steve Wells, photos Steve Double

New Musical Express, June 5, 1993, p. 12-17

Full Velvet Underground cover. 5-page article with interview and other stuff. Three 1993 photos by Steve Double including a full-page colored one.

"They dripped dark and sinister cool while those around them dripped flowers from their hair. They wore black instead of rainbow-colored silks. They wore sunglasses at night while earth mothers and fathers frolicked with nature in the wilderness. The Velvet Underground were the antithesis of the dippy hippies, and as such reviled in their lifetime. But since then, they have spawned generations of Velvet wannabes, and they've reformed at a time when they are impossibly popular compared to when they first made that strange, harsh, anger-driven music. Keith Cameron scored a rare interview with all four original members in New York and sat in on their rehearsals, while Steven Wells puts the other side of the coin - that the Velvets are single-handedly at fault for 25 years of inaddo indie wank."

'Farm Fatale' for Glasto

New Musical Express, 5 June 1993, p. 3

News item about the The Velvet Underground added to the opening night of Glastonburry Festival.

Melody Maker | June 12, 1993

Live ! - Deja VU

Allan Jones

Melody Maker, June 12, 1993, p. 12

1-p 1993 Edinburgh Playhouse show review. 1 color photo by Matt Bright.

"You start listening harder, gripped by what's happening on stage, and you have to admit the only thing you've ever heard that sounds anything like this has been on VU bootlegs, 25 years old and more."

NME | 12 June 1993

Velvets: White Light/Reheat

New Musical Express, 12 June 1993, p. 2

New item about live album release plan, plus a couple of fan's testimonies about the Edinburgh Playhouse show. One photo by Steve Double.

White Light/White Hair

John Harris. Photos: Andy Wilsher.

New Musical Express, 12 June 1993, p. 38

2/3-page review of Edinburgh Playhouse show with 3 black & white photos by Andy Wilsher. Same issue has also a Lou Reed discography with a photo by Barry Plummer (p. 53), and a full-page VOX magazine July 1993 ad with The Velvet Underground on cover (p. 60).

Vox #34

We will confront the myth...

Max Bell, photos Graham Wood

Vox, no. 34, July 1993

Velvet Underground cover. 4-page report/interview, with 3 black and white photographs.

"It was only rock'n'roll before The Velvet Underground brought potent drugs and pervy sex to the party. 25 years after their last live high, they've risen again to join the Info-inferno of U2's Zooropa tour. Gods, or fallen angels? We devote eight pages to evidence old and new."

Black angels and death songs

Barry Lazell, photos: Stephen Shore

Record Hunter/Vox, no. 34, July 1993

Velvet Underground special in Record Hunter - addin to Vox magazine. Lou Reed 1966 cover 2½-page history/discography with photographs from Factory era by Stephen Shore.

Velvet God Pieces

Tom Ferguson

Record Hunter/Vox, no. 34, July 1993

1½-page UK discography and album reviews.

Q - 82 - July 1993

Party On, Dudes!

Q, no. 82, July 1993

7-page article with 1993 color photos by Ken Sharp and 1966 B&W photographs by Fred W. Mc Darrah, VU members quotes about 1993 reunion.

The Velvet Underground

Michael Bonner

Lime Lizard, p. 38-41, July 1993

Interview with John Cale. John Cale talks about the old times with Bonner, who supplements the article with a history of the band. Also included are various quotes on the VU and its influence by various (alternative) pop persons, and a review of the first two albums by Bonner.

VOX | August 1993

Some Velvet Mourning

Mike Pattenden

VOX, August 1993, p. 7

Review of the June 5, 1993 show at the Forum in London. 1 color photo.

"Tell us another, Lou!"

NME | 11 December 1993

Banana drama!

Johnny Dee, Roger Morton, Photos: Andy Wilsher, Steve Double & Nat Finkelstein

New Musical Express, 11 December 1993, p. 20-21

1½-page review of UK Channel 4 TV night devoted to the Velvet Undergound with interview with Lou Reed about the end of the 1993 reunion. 5 photos.

"Channel 4 have passed right over the Fab Four and straight on to The Velvet Underground as the first ever band to have an entire night of programming devoted to them. Roger Morton grapples with curmudgeonly old banana man Lou Reed to find out why he will never work with John Cale again..."

Melody Maker - April 15, 1995

The Velvet Underground's demo tapes...

Melody Maker, April 15, 1995, p. 3

News item about the discovery of the July 1965 demo tape, which will be included in the Peel Slowly And See 5CD box set.

Melody Maker - April 22, 1995

The Velvet Underground demo tapes...

Melody Maker, April 22, 1995, p. 3

News item about additional info regarding the July 1965 demo tape, which will be included in the Peel Slowly And See 5CD box set.

Sterling Morrison 1942-1995

Melody Maker, September 9, 1995, p. 4

¼-page tribute to Sterling Morrison, with 2 black & white photos.

NME - 9 September 1995

Sterling Morrison (1942-1995)

New Musical Express, 9 September 1995, p. 4

½-page tribute to Sterling Morrison, with 1 black & white photo by Nat Finkelstein.

Record Collector - No. 194 - Oct. 1995

Short Takes - Peel Slowly And See

Peter Doggett

Record Collector, no. 194, p. 148-149, October 1995

2-page review of Peel Slowly And See box set.

"The four Velvet Underground LPs have been expanded to fill a five-CD box set. Peter Doggett unwraps the banana."

MOJO - 24 - November 1995

Real gone... Sterling Morrison 1942-1995

David Fricke

MOJO, 24, p. 159, November 1995

Sterling Morrison obituary.

"He wasn't flashy, but he was holding down our version of the groove."

MOJO | 59 | October 1998

Working | Shiny, shiny bootleg Velvets

Thomas Anderson

MOJO, 59, p. 10, October 1998

Full-page The Velvet Underground Bootleg Series announcement, with 1 one large photo by Lynn Goldsmith (uncredited).

"Polygram to release 'bootleg' Velvet Underground live show series."

Record Collector - January 1999 - No. 233

Short Takes - The Velvet Underground Web Watch

Cliff McLenehan

Record Collector, no. 233, p. 142-144, January 1999

3-page article about Velvet Underground on the web.

Life | The Observer Magazine - 3 January 1999

The Velvet Revolution

John Cale & Victor Bockris

Life - The Observer Magazine, p.12-19, January 3, 1999

Warhol/Cale cover. 5½-page article extracted from John Cale's autobiography What's Welsh For Zen. Large photos by Fred McDarrah.

"1965. John Cale, a Welsh viola player prominent in New York's classical avant-garde scene, befriended a depressed songwriter called Lou Reed. A year later, their group, The Velvet Underground, was to team up with Andy Warhol and change the face of rock 'n' roll."

Life | The Observer Magazine - 10 January 1999

Black Angel's Death Song

John Cale & Victor Bockris

Life - The Observer Magazine, p.30-34, January 10, 1999

Part 2 of the previous article. 3½-page article extracted from John Cale's autobiography What's Welsh For Zen. 4 photos (live 1966, Songs For Drella (2), Cartier's reunion)

"The death of their old manager Andy Warhol led John Cale and Lou Reed to collaborate once more, and then to the reunion of The Velvet Underground. In this second extract from his autobiography, Cale describes how the long-standing tensions between Lou Reed and himself finally cause the band to implode for good."

MOJO - 63 - February 1999

The theatre of cruelty

John Cale & Victor Bockris

MOJO, 63, p. 48-62, February 1999

15-page article extracted from John Cale's autobiography What's Welsh For Zen. Photos by Stephen Shore, Fred W. McDarrah, Gerard Malanga, Nat Finkelstein... The Velvet Underground shares the cover with Blondie.

"We did not consider ourselves to be entertainers. We never smiled and would turn our backs on the audience. Our aim was to upset people, make them feel uncomfortable, make them vomit. We hated everybody and everything." Thirty years after Lou Reed threw him out of The Velvet Underground, John Cale's book reveals the shocking truth behind rock's most revered revolutionaries."

MOJO - 75 - February 2000

Afterhours: the twilight of the Velvets

Thomas Anderson & David Fricke

MOJO, 75, p. 40-47, February 2000

Full Velvet Underground color cover. 8-page 1969-73 story based on quotes by Sterling, Doug, Lou, Maureen, Dany Fields, Geoffrey Haslam, Billy Yule, Walter Powers, Ian Paice and Rob Norris. 11 photos - some previously unpublished.

"Once the darlings of New York, they were reduced to playing fleapits and ski-lodges. But the Velvets' failure produced some great songs - and great stories."

MOJO Collections 3

Some Kinda Love

Trevor King

MOJO Collections 3, p. 120-121, Summer 2001

2-page article reviewing a dozen of Velvet Underground bootlegs.

"Not only did everyone who ever heard The Velvet Underground decide to form a band, they also seemed to make a bootleg album of live tracks and outtakes."

MOJO | 94 | September 2001

Kill all hippies | The Velvet Underground Bootleg Series Volume I: The Quine Tapes

David Fricke

MOJO 94, p. 90-91, September 2001

Full-page The Quine Tapes review with full-page illustration by Jonathan Burton.

"How four New Yorkers slayed the West Coast love crowd with amps, attitude and 38 minutes of Sister Ray."

Plus The Velvet Underground & Nico CD part of a full-page HMV store ad.

Record Collector - No 265 - Sept' 01

The Velvet Revolution

Peter Doggett

Record Collector No 265, p. 22-33, September 2001

12-page Velvet Underground special feature with Velvet Underground story by Peter Dogget, a Velvet chronology, record reviews, interviews with Doug Yule and Moe Tucker, US & UK priced discographies, top 5 collectables and bootlegs, plus many pictures and photos.

"The Velvet Underground remain one of the most influential bands of all time. Peter Doggett unpeels their mystique..."

Mojo Collections - 4 - Autumn 2001

The Velvet Evolution

Kieron Tyler

Mojo Collections 4, p. 54-55, Autumn 2001

2-page pre-Velvet Underground article with discography.

"Even the coolest stars had to learn their craft at some point and Lou Reed was no exception. Kieron Tyler picks the dark's one early best."

Q | 191 | June 2002

Re-releases | Super Freaks | The Velvet Underground And Nico

Steve Lowe

Q, 191, p. 128-129, June 2002

2-page The Velvet Underground & Nico - Deluxe Edition review. Plus one photo shot outside in Provincetown MA, 1966.

"Did all rock'n'roll weirdness start here?"

MOJO - 104 - July 2002

Whipping yarns

David Bowie

MOJO, 104, p. 117, July 2002

½-page The Velvet Underground & Nico - Deluxe Edition review by David Bowie. One photo shot by Tim Boxer at the Action House, Island Park NY, on December 4, 1966.

"How the Velvets rocked my world."

"The Velvets' legendary '67 debut remastered and reissued with the band's original mono mix and peel-able digipak banana."

The Velvet Underground & Nico - Deluxe Edition is also featured as part of a full-page "This Month's Essential Purchases" Virgin megastores ad (p. 4).

MOJO | 112 | March 2003

Velvets 'scene' pics discovered

Christine McKenna

MOJO, 112, p. 22, March 2003

1½-page article about discovery of Charles Brittin photos. 2 EPI photos shot at The Trip in Los Angeles CA in May 1966.

"The recently unearthed photos of Chales Brittin documented a '60s California of beatnik drift, social protest and groovy dancing."

MOJO | 124 | March 2004

The Speed Of Sound

various authors

MOJO, 124, p. 64-89, March 2004

Small photo insert on cover, Billy Name photo on summary (p. 3) and 25-page Velvet Underground special: The Speed of Sound intro, Heart of Darkness by Victor Bockris, The Model by Will Hodgkinson, Cooking For One by David Sheppard, and Color Me Pop by David Dalton. Includes photos by Adam Ritchie, Nat Finkelstein, William 'Popsie' Randolph, Billy Name, Ralph Garcia, Julian Wasser, Lisa Law, Mick Gold, and others. Also the Velvet Underground is featured in "The 67 Lost Albums You Must Own" article (p. 53).

"Cool, sinister and revolutionary, The Velvet Underground remain the greatest alternative rock band of all time. Forty years after the first fateful meeting between Lou Reed and John Cale, we salute the Velvets' genius in a 25-page special."

MOJO | 138 | May 2005

Lost And Found

Clive Prior

MOJO, 138, p. 18, May 2005

Brief article about the discovery of the April 1966 Scepter studio acetate, with side 1 label's color picture.

"New discovery shed light on the earliest days of The Velvet Underground."

Same issue has a 7-page Lou Reed article/interview including a couple of VU photos and an ad for the Gymnasium 1967 shows.

Record Collector Issue 310



Record Collector Issue 310, p. 58-59, May 2005

2-page Diggin' For Gold special about the April 1966 Scepter studio acetate with story, track by track review, quotes by producer Norman Dolph, and both sides label color pictures.

"Canadian collector Warren Hill has discovered an acetate recording of the Velvet Underground's first studio session. Recorded at Scepter Studios in New York City during April 1966, the tracks represent the original versions of seminal songs like Heroin, Venus In Furs and Waiting For The Man, before they were re-recorded at TTG Studios in Los Angeles and remixed for release on Verve in 1967 as The Velvet Underground And Nico, one of the most influential rock debut albums of all time."

MOJO 141

Doug Yule and The Velvet Underground

Mark Sturdy

MOJO 141, p. 154, August 2005

1-page article part of the monthly Hello Goodbye series. One original photo by William 'Popsie' Randolph.

"He was the new boy who outlasted the band itself and led a version with no original members."

MOJO - 189 - August 2009

White Light/White Heat: The Velvet Underground Day By Day

Mike Barnes

MOJO 189, p. 125, August 2009

White Light/White Heat: The Velvet UndergroundDay By Day book review.

"New light cast on the most influential group ever."

MOJO - 193 - December 2009

All Yesterday's Parties

David Sheppard

MOJO 193, p. 118, December 2009

1-page The Velvet Underground: New York Art book review, with one b&w photo by Adam Ritchie.

"Eye-catching, multi-layered monograph salutes rock's most enduringly influential - not to say photogenic - deviants. David Sheppard marvels at the subversive beauty."

Uncut - 151 - December 2009

The Velvet Underground

Allan Jones

UNCUT 151, p. 48-60, December 2009

Cover & 13-page special feature. Plus The Velvets Revolution free CD - "From Orange Juice to Suicide, 15 great tracks inspired by The Velvet Underground".

"Forty-five years ago, a hack songwriter met a Welsh avant-garde prodigy. Within three years, Lou Reed and John Cale had formed and split THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, shared needles, tapped into New York's edgiest communities and changed rock'n'roll forever. With new interviews and a cluth of unseen pictures, we tell the unexpurgated story of that dark alliance, and the animosity that continues to this day..."

Uncut | Take 186 | November 2012

The Velvet Underground | The Velvet Underground & Nico

David Cavanagh

UNCUT, Take 186, p. 87-89, November 2012

3-page review of the super deluxe 6-CD edition of The Velvet Underground & Nico.

"An exhaustive, enthralling boxset reissue of the iconic album - with rare and live cuts galore!"

MOJO | 228 | November 2012

Completely bananas | The Velvet Underground | The Velvet Underground & Nico

Jon Savage

MOJO, 228, p. 98-99, November 2012

1-page review of the super deluxe 6-CD edition of The Velvet Underground & Nico, plus 1 full-page repro of "R-1499" promo shot.

"Six-CD, 45th anniversary edition of the Velvets's futuristic debut includes infamous Norman Dolph acetate and a whole live concert from November 1966."

Uncut | Lou Reed | The Ultimate Music Guide | 2014

Lou Reed

Uncut | The Ultimate Music Guide, 148 p, Issue 1, 2014

148-page special issue, fully devoted to Lou Reed, including multiple Velvet Underground articles, interviews, reviews and photographs.

Uncut | Lou Reed | The Ultimate Music Guide | 2014

We're sticking with him

Mark Paytress

MOJO, 254, p. 104-105, January 2015

2-page article of The Velvet Underground | 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition, including review and full-page photo by Jim Cummins (from Loaded studio sessions...).

"Having junked John Cale for their third album, the Velvets' singer briefly dropped mask."

Uncut | Lou Reed | The Ultimate Music Guide | 2014

The Velvet Underground - 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

Michael Bonner

UNCUT, Take 2012, p. 81-83, January 2015

3-page review of The Velvet Underground | 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition, including Q&A with Doug Yule & Maureen Tucker.

"Remake! Remodel! The VU unveil their new incarnation: no drones, but many tunes follow."

MOJO | 265 | December 2015

Rock & Roll Suicide

David Fricke

MOJO, 265, p. 48-55, DECEMBER 2015

Insert on cover, 8-p article focused on Loaded era. Photos by Henri Ter Hall, Jeff Albertson & Jim Cummins (uncredited).

"When Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and Doug Yule entered Atlantic's New York studio in spring 1970, the idea was to make an LP of FM-radio hits that would turn The Velvet Underground into stars. Instead, it finished them off. from over 20 years of interviews, old and new, David Fricke reconstructs the fractious making of Loaded and the breaking of a band."

MOJO | 279 | February 2017

The Velvet Underground & Nico Reborn

Andrew Male

MOJO, 279, p. 48-55, FEBRUARY 2017

2-p article. Photo by Steve Schapiro.

"John Cale talks revisiting the VU's mythic debut, fifty years on, at a special event in Liverpool with new collaborators. But will Moe be there?"

LOUDER THAN WAR | ISSUE 20 | February 2019

All Tomorrow's Parties

Kris Needs

29,7 x 21,2 cm, March 2019

11-page article.

"With their self-titled third album turning fifty this year and Lou Reed's classic 'New York' celebrating its 30th, Kris Needs digs deep into the provocative world of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND."

SHINDIG! | ISSUE 89 | March 2019

Beginning To See The Light

Julian Marszalek

SHINDIG!, ISSUE 89, p. 60-68
29,7 x 21,2 cm, March 2019

9-page article.

"The Velvet Underground like so many other bands of the period, entered 1969 on tenterhooks. Change was in the air. Julian Marszalek charts the period that saw the departure of John Cale, the arrival of Doug Yule, long haire and softer songs."

UNCUT | TAKE 288 | MAY 2021

The Velvet Underground | Another View

UNCUT, TAKE 288, MAY 2021, p. 60-74

Cover + 15-page special.

"Blueprint? We didn't want to know"

Michael Bonner

Interview with John Cale (p. 62-63).

"John Cale remembers Lou, Nico, days at the Factory and "raw, unfettered nihilistic exploration"."

"A creative playground"

Sam Richards

(p. 64-65).

"Dylan's cinematic biographer Todd Haynes takes us behind the scene of his upcoming Velvets documentary. "One hopes for masses of unreleased tapes..."."

"Ideas, approaches, processes!"

Michael Bonner

(p. 65).

"Brian Eno on the Velvets' influence."

"Life-or-death, searching music"

Jonathan Richman

(p. 66-69).

"Before he launched The Modern Lovers, superfan Jonathan Richman saw The Velvet Underground play dozens of times. Who better, than, to chart the band's transition from "drone misfits" to "flower-pattern-shirt balladeers". Here he writes exclusively for Uncut about the band that changes everything..."

"Are you aware of this battle?"

(p. 69).

"We were of little band of gypsies"

Michael Bonner

Interview with Doug Yule (p. 70-71).

"Doug Yule on replacing John Cale, the third album, Loaded and being mistaken for Lou by David Bowie..."

"I kept going back"

Michael Bonner

(p. 71).

"The band's "fun" summer-long residency at NY's Max's Kansas City in 1970 - culminating in Reed's final show with the band on August 23 recalled by Lenny Kay".

"It wasn't the real thing"

Richard Williams

(p. 72-74).

"In 1971, the Reed-less Velvet Underground landed in London. Richard williams was there..."

Velvet Revolution | 10 deep cuts from the catalogue

Tyler Wilcox

(p. 74).

MOJO | 330 | May 2021

Time Machine | April 1966 ...The Velvets play the Exploding Plastic Inevitable

MOJO 330, May 2021

1-page E.P.I. article (p. 110).

MOJO | 336 | November 2021

Filter Screen | Riding into the sun

MOJO 336, November 2021

1-page The Velvet Underground (Dir: Todd Haynes) documentary review (p. 112).

Uncut | The Velvet Underground | The Ultimate Music Guide | 2021

The Velvet Underground

UNCUT | The Ultimate Music Guide, 124 p, November 18, 2021

124-page special issue, fully devoted to The Velvet Underground.

MOJO | 344 | JULY 2022

Some Velvet Morning

MOJO 344, JULY 2022, p. 54-61

Will Hodgkinson

8-page article.

"New light on the dawn of The Velvet Underground is shed by lost demos found among the effects of the late Lou Reed - who would have been 80 this year. MOJO digs the folk roots and formative years of a rock 'n' roll hero, with help of Laurie Anderson, producer-archivist Don Fleming and more. "People are going to be blown away," they promise."

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