The Velvet Underground

1971 photographs

The Velvets that time forgot...

The Velvets that time forgot, from left to right Walter Powers, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker. Photograph taken from The Lost History Of the Velvet Underground, an extensive interview with Sterling Morrison by Mary Harron published in New Musical Express, April 25, 1981. Powers, Morrison, Tucker
Powers, Morrison, Tucker Fall 1971 tour line-up in Amsterdam, from left to right: Moe Tucker, Willie Alexander (who replaced Sterling), Doug Yule and Walter Powers. This photo appeared on cover of dutch magazine Oor #14, 1971. Photo by Bob Lens.
Alternate shot of the 1971 line-up, from Willem Hoos article published in Oor #14. The Velvet Underground, 1971
Moe with her baby Kerry Another photograph from Oor #14, Moe Tucker with her daughter Kerry.
May 25, 1974 issue of Melody Maker has an article by Steve Lake titled Velvet Underground: opening doors of perception, with a full-page of VU pictures overleaf. The collage includes this rare shot from the late 1971 Velvets. On tour, 1971
Another full 1971 line-up shot Another full 1971 line-up shot.
[thanks to Mikko Kapanen]
"de Velvet Underground wandelt door oud-zuid in Amsterdam (hun vorig bezoek)". Photo by Bob Lens published in Dutch magazine Aloha, issue no. 15, November 11, 1971. ...wandelt door oud-zuid...
The band, 1971 again Nice shot from the German Sounds magazine - Nov/Dec 1971 issue - the article is titled: Velvet Underground ist wieder da...
[thanks to Detlef Juergens]
Moe and her daughter Kerry, in Aloha magazine #21, February 11-25, 1972. Photo: Gijsbert Hanekroot. Moe and Kerry
Moe and baby Kerry Moe and her daughter Kerry in Holland, 1971. Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot.


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