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Moe Tucker | I Feel So Far Away

I Feel So Far Away | Anthology 1974-1998
Sundazed SC 11201, 2012

First ever career anthology collects 25 years of solo materailby the visionery former Velvet Underground member! This newly mastered collection features long-out-of-print tracks and rarities, as well as Moe's previously unissued tribute to the late VU member Sterling Morrison and includes rare photos, an intro from Lou Reed and notes by Rolling Stone Senior Editor, David Fricke.

Moe Rocks Terrastock

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Moe Rocks Terrastock
Captain Trip CTCD-400, Japan, September 2002

1. Spam Again (5:17) / 2. I Wanna (3:08) / 3. I'm Sticking With You (2:34) / 4. Crackin' Up (4:08) / 5. B.A.D. (6:28) / 6. Hey Mersh (2:48) / 7. Fired Up (3:07) / 8. Bo Diddley (9:23).

recorded live Terrastock Festival at The Showbox, in Seattle, November 5, 2000. Features: Moe Tucker - guitar, lead vocals, John Slugget - drums, Greg Beschers - lead guitar, vocals, John Abbay - bass, vocals, Doug Yule - vocals & piano (3), guitar (4). Produced by John Craig.

Maureen Tucker by Jonathan Richman

I had the chance to see Moe Tucker play many times with The Velvet Underground from 1967 to 1970.

She was not just a good drummer. For those who were hypnotized by their sound she was one of the head hypnotists. Those attentive enough to notice her way with a beat and her electrifying sound as she stood there and hit probably all still remember it. Sometimes she'd use mallets on the snare drum. She turned the bass drum horizontal and she hit that with mallets, using it like a tom-tom. No one ever did this! It made her sound unlike any other drummer before or since. And for those of us who loved the sound of that band this drum style was much a signature of the Velvets as was any other of their sounds. It was raw and wild.

Maureen's records still have this raw party feeling. They're rock 'n' roll records. They don't get pretentious, you know. And she goes for that classic rough guitar tone from her players. Also, she's still the kind of person I like to see in the business. She's nice. She still sounds like a person when you talk to her on the phone, not an 'artiste', if you know what I mean. And she's fun.

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By Olivier Landemaine
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Maureen Tucker promo photo

Well she's the fastest keypunch in the United States. She can type 120 and she keypunches faster. Did you ever see her dial a phone? It takes her less than a second to do a whole number. She's a special case. She was working for this temporary agency, and we'd be playing shows at night and the agency would come to wake her up about noon. They'd tell her to just come in for the afternoon and they'd pay her for a full day plus bonuses. 'Cause they know that she could do more in an afternoon than most people could do in three days.

Sterling Morrison

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