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Artwork: Dennis J. Gergel Jr.

Maureen Tucker: A Quiet Devotional
Philip Milstein
What Goes On, no. 1, 1978, USA

Maureen Tucker: Pasiones Domesticas
Ignacio Julia
Ruta 66, no. 22, October 1987, Spain
4-page interview with Moe.

A to E & Back Again
Moe Tucker Interview

Marc Baines
Hairy Hi-Fi, 1989
4-page interview with Moe, plus Life In Exile review.

WGO #4You could tell that this was different
The Maureen Tucker Interview

Phil Milstein, M.C. Kostek, Kate Messer, Dom Molumby, Ignacio Julia, Kris McElwee and Joe Harrington, Photos : VUAS, Moe Tucker archives, Kate Messer
What Goes On, Issue 4 aka The Moe Issue, Velvet Underground Appreciation Society, 1990, USA
Epic interview.

Too Shy
Arnaud Viviant
Libération, June 25, 1991, France
Too Shy review.

I Spent A Week There The Other Night
Arnaud Viviant
Libération, October 22, 1991, France
ISAWTTON review.

Popus - Moe Tucker
Stéphane Jarno, Photo R. Monfourny
Les Inrockuptibles, no. 32, November/December 1991, France
Brief history, ISAWTTON review.

I Spent A Week There The Other Night
Jacques Vincent
Best, no. 280, November 1991, p. 93, France
ISAWTTON review.

I Spent A Week There The Other Night
David Richard
Rock & Folk, no. 291, November 1991, p. 112, France
ISAWTTON review.

I spent a week there the other night
Philippe Barbot, photo: Levy/Stills
Télérama, no. ?, 1991, France
I Spent A Week The Other Night review..

Sticking With You
Laurent Janin, photos : Alain Duplantier & Philippe Levy
Another View, no. 8, December/January 1992, France

Moe d'Amour - Sister Maureen
David Richard, photo : Claude Gassian
Rock & Folk, no. 294, February 1992, France
One-page story/interview with full page photograph.

One Woman Named Moe
Phil Sutcliffe
Brief history.

Ouest France, 22/2/92 Moe Tucker, la légende
Ouest France, February 22, 1992, France
Brief article before Feb. 23, 1992 show at L'Ubu, Rennes.

Jacques Vincent, photo: Marc Villalonga
Best, no. 285, April 1992, p. 106, France
Review of Moe Tucker show at Casino de Paris on March 21, 1992, with Sterling Morrison and Lou Reed.

Moe Tucker Gives Up Her Day Job
Peter Doggett, photos : ?
Record Collector, no. 151, p. 82-85, March 1992, UK
History, interview, and discography. "Peter Doggett talks to the Velvets drummer turned guitarist and singer".

Collector - Moe Tucker
Bruno Juffin, photos : ?
Rocksound, no. 2, p. 48-49, November/December 1992, France
History, selective discography.

Oh, no they're recording this show
Mehdi Aïssaoui
Les Inrockuptibles, no. 41, December 1992, p. 99, France

Good Times, Bad Times
Carola Dibbell
?, late 1994 (?), US
Maxwell '94 and records reviews.

Dogs Under Stress
Bruno Juffin
Rocksound, no. 11, p. 77, February 1994, France

Moe Better Blues
Bruno Juffin
Rocksound, no. 12, p. 68, March 1994, France
Brief interview.

Dogs Under Stress
Stéphane Deschamps
Les Inrockuptibles, no. 53, March 1994, France

Just Say Moe
The heartbeat of the VU makes a solo noise

Mark Binelli
?, 1994 (?), US

Velvet Underground
Interview Moe Tucker, Hommage à Sterling Morrison

Christian Eudeline
Jukebox Magazine, no. 98, November 1995, France
Maybe the best article in french about Moe. Great interview, full discography.

Moe Tucker
Dominical, no. 98, Feb. 4, 1996, Spain
Color cover story, interview, photos.

TangentsTales From The Underground
Daniel Coston
Tangents, volume 2, number 7, March 1997, Charlotte NC, USA
"Velvet Underground drummer Maureen 'Moe' Tucker talks about the band's origin, Andy Warhol, their 1993 reunion and her current tour".

Great extensive interview by Daniel Coston.

Just Say Moe
James Sullivan
Bay Area Music, June 13, 1997, San Francisco CA, USA

Be My Baby
Les Inrockuptibles no. 128, November 26, 1997, France
News article with nice photograph by Renaud Monfourny.

Moe and her Drums Moe and her Drums
Andrew Banks
no. 1, 1998?, UK
First and unique Moe Tucker fanzine with cartoons, merchandising, music and motherhood 1970-1981, photos, discography 1970-1981. A second issue is announced for Spring 1999.

100 batteurs de légende
Manuel Dubigeon
Batteur magazine no. 114, July/August 1998, France
Moe is included in the 100 legendary drummers list with a half-page article coming with a black and white photograph.

Rock Musicians Unite For Children's Album
Goldmine, vol. 24, no. 15, issue 469, July 17 1998, US
Half-page article about Not Dogs... Too Simple with black and white photograph.


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