The Loast Loaded Shots

©2002 Henri ter Hall and Steve Nelson

"Hey, Henri, now move your camera."
Lou Reed, Cool It Down (early version)
Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition)

In 1970 Dutch photographer Henri ter Hall, then living in New York City, shot The Velvet Underground during the recording sessions for Loaded. His image of the almost-empty recording studio appeared on the back cover of the album. Around that time Henri also shot portraits of the band members in his photo studio. He sent contact sheets from the shoots to his friend Steve Nelson, who was also friends with the Velvets from his days as manager of The Boston Tea Party and owner of The Woodrose Ballroom.

Unfortunately, the negatives and all other copies of Henri's photos have since been lost, but Steve saved his. Recently he made a few scans from his collection available to the French rock magazine Les Inrockuptibles for their special Velvet Underground issue, the first time they have ever been published. He is now collaborating with Henri and the VU Web Page to make the photos more widely available. These are the images published in Les Inrockuptibles. More of "The Lost Loaded Shots" will be seen here at a later date.

If you are interested in obtaining digital prints from scans of the contact sheets, contact Steve at

Lou and Doug Doug
Sterling Lou
Sterling Moe

©2002 Henri ter Hall and Steve Nelson

Special thanks to Steve Nelson & Henri Ter Hall


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