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Vibraciones no. 28 (inside)

Vibs: The Velvet Underground

Damian Garcia Puig and Diego A. Manrique

Vibraciones no. 28, año 4, Enero 1977

Special review dedicated to The Velvet Underground.

Popster, no. 17

Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground

Popster no. 17, 1977, Barcelona

Folded magazine with biography and photos backed with a Lou Reed poster (Rock 'n' Roll Animal cover).


Especial Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground

Julian Ruiz

Popular 1 (Esp A 8), 1977, 35 p., Barcelona

Biography, photos and large poster.

Vibraciones 81


Ignacio Julia

Vibraciones No 81, June 1981

1-page article with Doug Yule-era picture, NME's interview with Sterling Morrison review, and Etc bootleg review.

Rock Espezial 30

The Velvet Underground 1965-1990 Guia Para Los Amantes Del Terciopelo

Ignacio Julia

Rock Espezial No 30, Fenruary 1984

Chronological review of the band, influences, some bootlegs reviews and pictures.

Ruta 66 7

Sterling Morrison: La Memoria De Velvet Underground

Ignacio Julia

Ruta 66 no. 7, May 1986

Review of Sterling Morrison's 10-day visit to Barcelona to be interviewed for the Feedback book and the Catalonian TV documentary.

Ruta 66 22


Ignacio Julia

Ruta 66 no. 22, October 1987

Interview with Moe Tucker with photos (Moe at home, in high school, with Kate Messer, and a rare White Light/White Heat promo sht).

Ruta 66 35

John Cale: Perseguido Por El Pasado

Ignacio Julia

Ruta 66 no. 35, December 1988

Interview with John Cale, discography and photo of John playing bass et the Boston Tea Party in 1968.

Ruta 66 38


Ignacio Julia

Ruta 66 no. 38, March 1989

Songs For Drella concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music review by Ignacio Julia.

En Pecuerdo De Aquel Famoso Platano

Ignacio Julia

Prima Linea, August 1990

1990 Fondation Cartier reunion account with color photographs.

New York 1968 / Paris 1990

Ignacio Julia, M.C. Kostek, Philip Milstein

Ruta 66, no. 54, September 1990

8-page "Suplemento Especial Velvet Underground".

Rock De Lux #68

Velvet Underground 1965-1990

Christian Fevret

Rock De Lux, no. 68, October 1990, Barcelona

10-page interview with all the VU members during the 1990 reunion, with photographs. Spanish translation of the French Les Inrockuptibles #24 interview.

Ruta 66 #86

La leyenda a desguace

Ignacio Julia

Ruta 66, no. 86, July/August 1993

4-page 1993 Velvet Underground reunion report, with two B&W photos including John and Lou live at Paradiso, Amsterdam.


Hitweek | NO 46| August 4, 1967

4 Uitstekende West Coast LPs Van Doors Airplane Prunes & Underground

Hitweek, Weekblad NO 46, p. 1, August 4, 1967

The Velvet Underground & Nico review.

"...great album. run fast to your LP dealer to buy it!..."

Hitweek | NO. 29 | April 5, 1968

De 2e Elpee Van De Velvet Underground Is Behoorlijk Ziek

Hitweek, Weekblad NO. 29, p. 7, April 5, 1968

White Light/White Heat review.

", sensational sound. Sick but powerful. Hopefully to be released soon in Europe..."

Aloha - 46 - 29/1-15/2

Velvet Underground: Geen Gelul Over Vage Simbolen

Adrie Marx

Aloha, 46, p. 2, January 29-February 15, 1971

Full-page extensive Loaded review with 1 Moe Tucker photo.

Aloha - no. 11 - Sept 24 tot 8 okt

Mojo presenteert

Aloha, no. 11, p. 3, September 24-October 8, 1971

10 x 14 cm (approx. 4 x 5.5 inches) ad for Velvet Underground live show on October 10, 1971 at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Oor - no. 14 - 1971

The Velvet Underground | Wil af van het warhol_image

Willem Hoos

Oor, 14, p. 5, 1971

Cover insert with full 1971 line-up photo by Bob Lens.

1-page article with 2 photographs from 1971 tour. Plus the November 19, 1971 show at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is listed in "Popagenda" (p. 12) and confirmed in "Oor In Oor Huit" section (p. 15).

Aloha - nummero 3 - van 4 tot 18 juni

Oude Wyn In Nieuwe Zakken

Aloha, nummero 3, June 4-18, 1971, p. 13

Andy Warhol's Velvet Underground Featuring Nico (Metro 26 26 001) review.

Aloha | 13 | Oct. 22-Nov. 5, 1971

Velvet Underground

Laurie Langenbach

Aloha, 13, October 22-November 5, 1971

Review of Velvet Underground show on October 10 at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Frendz 11.05.1971

The New! Velvet Underground

Henry Daniels

Frendz, November 5, 1971, p. 18

1-page article/interview (in English) with 1 Willy Alexander photo.

"The Velvet Underground: the archetypal sado/masochistic rock band. New York, speed and smack. But the band's changed since then. John Cale and Lou Reed both left some time ago and the s/m harshness has given way to a mellower funk. Maureen Tucker, butch drummer is the only original Velvet left. At the band's first British gig, she, together with Doug Yule and a little help from the others, talked about the earlier days."

Aloha - 15 - 19/11-3/12


Aloha, no. 15, November 19-December 3, 1971, p. 29

Tour dates with one Alexander-Tucker-Yule-Powers line-up photo by Bob Lens. The dates listed are November 19 at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, November 20 in Ergens in Nederland, and November 21 at Concertzaal de Jong in Groningen.

Aloha - N° 21 - 11-25 FEB

Er Was Eens.... De Velvet Underground

Pim Oets

Aloha, N° 21, February 11-25, 1972, p. 22-23

2-page article including interview with Moe Tucker, with 2 black and white photographs.

Aloha - No: 25 - 7 april tot en met 24 april

Velvet Underground - Weer verdwenen ze, maar de zaal bleef doorgaan met klappen...

W.F. Hermans Jr.

Aloha, no. 25, April 7-24, 1972, p. 28

1-page article.


Lou Reed En De Velvet Underground

Oor, January 17, 1973

2-page story, with Lou Reed on cover.

Muziekkrant Oor - Zevende Jaargang - Nummer 2 - 26 januari 1977

The Velvet Underground

Bert Van De Kamp

Muziekkrant Oor, Zevende Jaargang, Nummer 2, p. 44-51, January 26, 1977

5-page article with 4 large photographs.


De Achterkant Van Een Bananenschil

Bert Van De Kamp

Oor no. 23, p. 20-22, November 18, 1981

3-page story.


Lou Reed & Het Spook van Delmore Schwartz

Tom Engelshoven

Muziekkrant OOR 14/15, 15 July 1989, p. 83-86

The influence of Delmore Schwartz on Lou Reed’s writing

HP | NR 34 | August 25, 1990

For Andy-honey

Jantiene van Aschs

HP/De Tijd, NR 34, August 25,1990, p. 48-52

After 25 years the Velvet Underground played together again (at the Cartier Fondation).


Het eeuwige nu van The Velvet Underground

Alfred Bos

HP/De Tijd, 28 May 1993, p. 96-100

"Compared with everything else which was happening in popular music in 1966, The Velvets lived on another planet. … It was the expression of a new society."


Het Fluwelen Spook

Bert Van De Kamp

Oor nr. 11, p. 20-26, May 29, 1993

Cover, 6-page quotes/story/discography.


Bijna ingehaald door The Small Faces

Gijsbert Kramer

de Volkskrant, 29 September 1995, p. ?

Review of Peel Slowly And See-Box


Niemand had een meisje. Gesprek met Moe Tucker van The Velvet Underground

Christine Otten

NRC Cultureel Supplement 4, August 2000, p. 1

Interview with Moe Tucker about the early days and the reunion of 1993, especially the meeting with Václav Havel in Prague.

Sounds #34

Velvet Underground ist wieder da

Sounds double-issue #34, p. 5, November/December 1971

1-page article with black & white photo 1971 line-up photo.

Read the original article with English translation here.

Spex Nr. 9


Christian Fevret

Spex Nr. 9, p. 20-29, September 1990

Cover. German translation of Les Inrockuptibles #24 interview.

Rock Dünyasi #13

The Velvet Underground Yeniden Yeryüzünde

Rock Dünyasi, no. 13, p. 4-12, 1993

Velvet Underground cover. 9-page special with VU/solo stories and discographies.

Mucchio 154

Speciale Velvet Underground

Mucchio Selvaggio 154, November 1990

Banana cover plus 24-page interview.

Raro! #63

Feedback Revolution

Fabio Massimo Arati

Raro!, no. 63, p. 6-11, February 1996

Velvet Underground cover. 6-page special reviewing the Peel Slowly And See box set with selected US discography.

Lou Reed e The Velvet Underground

L'Espresso, N. 7-anno XLVII, p. 85, February 15, 2001

1-page introduction to The Velvet Underground - this issue comes with a special edition of The Velvet Underground & Nico CD.

la Repubblica XL | 52 | February 2010

Velvet Underground: come cambiarono il rock’n'roll

Allen Jones, intro by Luca Valtorta

la Repubblica XL, 52, February 2010

Banana cover, intro by the director of the magazine Luca Valtorta, article from the book "The Velvet Underground Arte e Musica a New York" by Allen Jones.

la Repubblica XL

Record Collectors' Vol.7, No.3

Velvet Underground

Record Collectors' Magazine Vol.7, No.3, p. 5-27, March 1988

Velvet Underground cover and 23-page VU special - all in Japanese.

Record Collectors' Vol.9, No.8

Lou Reed

Record Collectors' Magazine Vol.9, No.8, p. 21-57, August 1990

37-page Lou Reed special with Velvet Underground section - all in Japanese.

Crossbeat | 37 | June 1991

True Stories

Crossbeat No.37, p. 114-121, June 1991

8-page Velvet Underground interview - Japanese translation of the 1990 Les Inrockuptibles interview. 3 black & white photos - 2 Stephen Shore shots and a rarely seen one.

Crossbeat No.40

True Stories

Crossbeat No.40, p. 88-93, September 1991

6-page Velvet Underground interview - Japanese translation of the 1990 Les Inrockuptibles interview. 3 black & white photos by Stephen Shore.

Crossbeat No.45

True Stories

Crossbeat No.45, p. 90-95, February 1992

6-page Velvet Underground interview - Japanese translation of the 1990 Les Inrockuptibles interview. 2 black & white photos - 1 by Stephen Shore, 1 shot in Paris 1990.

rockin'on - Vol.22 - March 1993

Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison on stage at New York University

Rockin'on Vol.22 3, p. 54, March 1993

1 black & white photo by Ebet Roberts.

Velvet Underground

Crossbeat No.63, p. 72-73, August 1993

2-page Velvet Underground reunion article. 1 color photo by Michael Putland.

Music Magazine 1993 8

VU Reunion

Music Magazine 1993 8, p. 162-165, August 1993

4-page Velvet Underground reunion article. 8 color photos.

Rockin'on Vol. 22

Lou Reed (The "reunited" Velvet Underground)

Rockin'on Vol.22 9, p. 69, September 1993

Full-page Lou Reed B&W photo by Brian Rasic.

Rockin'on Vol. 22 12

Live MCMXCIII / Loaded

Rockin'on Vol.22 12, p. 95, 188, 196, September 1993

½-page ad for Live MCMXCIII and Loaded (p. 95), Live MCMXCIII review (p. 188), Loaded review (p. 196).

Music Magazine - 1993 11

Real Life Rock

Greil Marcus

Music Magazine 1993 11, p. 122-124, November 1993

3-page article with one photo from Steve Schapiro series.

The Velvet Underground

Guitar Magazine, p. 36-49, January 1994

14-page article, including "The History And Background", "The Guitars And Equipments" (Struan Oglandy interview), "VU's Equipments in 60", "Roots, Influense & Revolution", "The Playstyle Of VU" (tabs). Many photos from the 60s (including one rare shot by John Cameola) and 1993 reunion (by Ed Sirrs, Donald Greenhaus).

Hello! Andy

Studio Voice Vol. 224, August 1994

Andy Warhol special issue, including some VU members photos.

Peel Slowly And See

Record Collectors' Vol. 14 No. 12, p. 62-65, November 1995

4-page Peel Slowly And See box set review.

The Dig #21

Andy Warhol & The Velvet Underground

The Dig #21, Summer 2000

91-page Andy Warhol & The Velvet Underground special with interview, rare photographs, album discography, singles, solo works, etc.

Beatleg  vol. 11

Velvet Underground & Lou Reed

beatleg vol. 11, September 2000

29-page Velvet Underground & Lou Reed Special incuding: After Hour - The Twilight of the Velvets, The Lost VU Story by Fumiya Nakahara, a selected discography by Shinobu Gotou and Fumiya Nakahara, The Velvet Underground Bootleg Review by Fumiya Nakahara, Shinobu Gotou and Masato Yokohama and an interview with Lou Reed about Ecstasy.

American Rock Vol.3

The Velvet Underground / Lou Reed

American Rock Vol.3, November 15, 2000

31-page Velvet Underground. It also covers John Cale, Nico, Lou Reed and Moe Tucker solo careers.

The Velvet Underground Bootleg Series Vol 1

Record Collectors' Magazine, Vol.20, No.12, p. 104-107, December 2001

4-page The Velvet Underground Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes review. One B&W photo from Loaded studio sessions by Jim Cummins.

Strange Days NO. 29

featuring The Velvet Underground

Strange Days, NO. 29, p. 86-120, January 2002

35-page special feature with banana cover, story, interviews with John Cale and Doug Yule, VU and solo discographies, and peelable banana sticker insert.

Strange Days NO. 29

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Record Collectors' Magazine, Vol.21, No.9, p. 33-71 & 119-131, January 2002

41-page special feature with banana cover, story, VU and Nico discographies, songs and record reviews.

Gold Wax No.89

The Velvet Underground

Gold Wax, No.89, p. 2-20, October 2002

19-page special feature with banana cover. Symphony Of Sound - complete Velvets story [p.4 - p.13] (series vol.1: from 'pre-VU era' to '1st album era'). The Velvet Underground & Nico - Deluxe Edition review [p.14] (differences between the mono versions and the stereo versions). Andy Warhol story [p.15 - p.16]. Fluxus movement overview [p.17]. VU influence [p.18 - p.19]. Bootleg Flowers Of Evil review [p.20].

Gold Wax No.90

The Velvet Underground - Symphony of Sound

Gold Wax, No.90, p. 28-31, November 2002

4-page sequel to the Symphony of Sound article published in the previous issue. Part two covers the 1967-68 era.

Gold Wax No.91

The Velvet Underground - Symphony of Sound

Gold Wax, No.91, p. 40-43, December 2002

Part 3 of the Symphony of Sound article series.

Gold Wax No.92

The Velvet Underground - Symphony of Sound

Gold Wax, No.92, p. 32-35, January 2003

Part 4 of the Symphony of Sound article series.

Gold Wax No.93

The Velvet Underground - Symphony of Sound

Gold Wax, No.93, p. 26-30, February 2003

Part 5 of the Symphony of Sound article series.

Gold Wax No.94

The Velvet Underground - Symphony of Sound

Gold Wax, No.94, p. 38-44, March 2003

Part 6 of the Symphony of Sound article series.

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