Lou Reed: If God showed up tomorrow and said Do you want to be President? No. Do you want to be in politics? No. Do you want to be a lawyer? No. What do you want? I want to be a rythm guitar player.

The Wild Side of Lou Reed
Before and After the Velvet Underground...
Lu-rid by Ty Petagno

This unofficial page is an appendix to
The Velvet underground Web Page,
devoted to the "wild" side of Lou Reed's career:
pre-Velvet Underground material, unofficial solo discography, poems...
No gossip, just facts...


Lou Reed
Pre-Velvet Underground Recordings 1958-1965

Berlin Live

the early years
a pre-VU photo collection

a pre-VU discography
with rare audio samples
updated June 23, 2018

so blue
an interview with Phil Harris,
Lou's bandmate in the Jades

bootleg CDs
updated July 23, 2009

bootleg vinyls
updated April 15, 2001

rare selected verses

på voldsomt job
Erling på job som bodyguard for Lou Reed - en barsk affaere

by Olivier Landemaine
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"Don't move."
- Sterling Morrison

the Warrior Heart of the Velvet Underground
Los Angeles, 1966

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