Cliff Malloy is representing the estate of William "Popsie" Randolph. While digitizing their archives they discovered 40 negatives from a Velvet Underground recording session at Record Plant Studios, New York on May 6, 1969.

The band was then recording for a fourth MGM album which was finally never released. Two songs at least were recorded on May 6, 1969 - Coney Island Steeple Chase and Foggy Notion which were finally released on the mid-80s collections of previously unreleased tracks VU and Another View.

Here is below a sample of the photos shot by William "Popsie" Randolph and thumbnails of the whole series. Pricing on the photos are $40 U.S. on the 8 x 10's and $60 on the 11 x 14's each unframed. Fine art Gallery Editions can also be offered at ANY SIZE up to 120 x 50. Please contact or visit

All photos ©1969-2008 William Randolph. All Rights Reserved

All photos ©1969-2008 William Randolph. All Rights Reserved

Special thanks to Cliff Malloy and Mike Randolph


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