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Velvet Underground Appreciation Society, 1978-1997, USA

Fanzine edited and published sporadically by the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society (V.U.A.S.) - there are usually several years between two issues; a nasty joke says that WGO is the only magazine that publishes less frequently than Forced Exposure...

The VUAS used also to send out newsletters - What Goes On Jr. then Temporary Thing - from 1979 to 1981.

Anyone interested in the VUAS and WGO story should read the Phil Milstein interview published in Dynamite Hemorrhage, ISSUE #3.

What Goes On | Number 1

What Goes On | Number 1
Mo Tucker Beats Me
8 pages, 1978
28 x 21,6 cm (11 x 8½ inch)

This first volume features articles by Philip Milstein, Joseph Allen Viglione and M.C. Kostek - including Beginning To see The Dark, a review of a 1969 Velvet Underground show at The Woodrose Ballroom (later reprinted in Up-tight | The Velvet Underground Story book by Victor Backris & Gerard Malanga).


What Goes On | Number 2
24 pages, June 1979

This issue focuses on the Velvet Underground discography - including compilations, bootlegs, and cover versions. It has also rare photos by The Modern Printer shot at a December 1968 show at The Boston Tea Party.


What Goes On | No. 3
52 pages, 1982 (second printing in 1983)

Numerous articles including Angus MacLise story, interviews with Andy Warhol, Nico, Tony Conrad, and an unreleased review of Nico's Marble Index by Lester Bangs.

The best of 1 & 2

What Goes On | The Best Of 1 & 2
56 pages, 1986

Features an extensive critical Velvet Underground discography/filmography and a selection of articles previously published in the first two issues of What Goes On.


Feed-Back | The Legend of the Velvet Underground
40 pages, 1987

"The official authorized english translation by Orly Fainstein and Margaret Kopp" of Ignacio Julia's Spanish Feed-Back book. Published by the V.U.A.S. in cooperation with Ignacio Julia & RUTA 66. It's not as well illustrated as the original Spanish edition however.


What Goes On | Issue 4
80 pages, Dutch East India Trading, 1990

The Moe Tucker issue - 2-part extensive interview with Moe. It also covers the 1990 Fondation Cartier reunion and has full VU-member updates. It came with a free flexi Thanks Andy Warhol.


What Goes On | Issue Number 5
September 1996

"The Velvet Underground Live and Wild 1965-1993" - rare photos, firsthand accounts from the 60s and full coverage of the 1993 reunion tour with show and record reviews.

The VU Discography Update

The Velvet Underground Discography Update
48 pages, 1997

Velvet Underground and solo updates with discography, films, books... etc.


This fanzine was published from 1978 to 1982 and compiled in Mike West's book The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed, originally a special edition of this fanzine.

Fierce Pup Productions, 1993-1996, USA

5 issues (first in September of 1993 and last in March 1996). Great fanzine loaded with interesting stuff. It was edited by Sal Mercuri who also has worked in collaboration with Doug Yule on a volume of never-before published original photographs '69 on the Road. All volumes are now out of print.


The Velvet Underground | Volume 1
September 1993

Scrapbook covering the 1993 tour, with concert tickets, photos, and articles from Q, Rolling Stone, Musician, NME, Vox... etc. It also exists in deluxe edition with color banana cover.


The Velvet Underground | Volume 2
How in the World did They Make That Sound...
Spring 1994

Scrapbook covering the 1993 tour and beyond, with many articles and Luna's Dean Wareham tour book, Live MCMXCIII and bootlegs reviews. This issue has a special photo supplement. There is also a special 'lift slowly and see' acetate banana cover edition.


The Velvet Underground | Volume 3
They Were Wild, Like the USA
Fall/Winter 1994

Compilation of various Velvet Underground news, magazine articles, concert and record reviews, and never before published 70s Lou Reed photograph by Lau. The center piece of this issue is Head Held High - an exclusive extensive interview with Doug Yule. There is a sprecial printing with alternate color cover with gold sticker.


The Velvet Underground | Volume 4
Rock-n-Roll, But Not Like The Rest
Summer/Fall 1995

More articles, more reviews. That issue is focused on the Peel Slowly And See box set and includes a long exclusive interview with Lou Reed by Ignacio Julia, some VU news, and several articles about Moe Tucker's solo work.


The Velvet Underground | Volume 5
It was Good What We Did Yesterday
Winter/Spring 1996

Last volume - ever? - compiling Sterling Morrison tributes. It has Velvet Underground news and reviews, including Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame coverage, The Lowdown on Loaded by Doug Yule, and never-before published Velvet Underground photos from 1969.

Walk On The Velvet Underground, Czech Republic

Magazine - all in Czech! - edited by a Velvet Underground fan club formed in Prague. They also used to sell great looking T-shirts and provide an ordering service for some hard to find items.

Contact: Ondrej Klepsa

It's all right... #1

Cislo 1
44 pages, 1997

Limited edition of 100 (one half in white and next half in yellow cover). A "Lou Reed 1996" special issue.

It's all right... #2

Cislo 2
24 pages, May 1999

This second volume is also a limited edition of 100 (half in blue and other half in white cover), including interviews with John Cale, Doug Yule, articles about Loaded and Fully Loaded Edition and some other things.


Velvet Underground

42 pages, France, circa 1971
29,8 x 21,3 cm

Collection of lyrics including all 4 studio albums plus John Cale's Vintage Violence & Church Of Anthrax.

Textes choisis

Les petits classiques du grand pirate, 11,5 x 21 cm, France, 1975
21 x 11,5 cm

Illustrated collection of lyrics in both English and French language. The first page states that "il a été tiré 5 exemplaires marqués de a à e comprenant chacun un métal repoussé et une sérigraphie, 30 exemplaires numérotés de 1 a 30 accompagnés de la sérigraphie"

Songs include: Here she come now, European son, I'll be your mirror, Heroin, Who loves the sun, Sweet jane, All tomorrow's Parties, Sunday morning, Rock and roll, Femme fatale, Venus in furs, Candy says.

Traduction de textes

-, France, -

Collection of lyrics in both English and French language.

Audio cassette giveaway including: Side 1: Heroin (8:10) / Move Right In (2:55) / You're Dring Me Insane (2:22) / I'm Free (1:09) / Extract from Falling Spikes (1:09). Side 2: Ride Into The Sun (2:35) / Inside Your Heart (2:20) / Jesus (3:24) / Extract from Loop (6:10) / Extract from Falling Spikes (0:30).

Lou Reed...

Andrea & Werner Hopf, private edition, Germany, 1985

Scrapbook vol. 1

Private printing, 1991

Unofficial collection of VU-related magazine articles, ads and record reviews. It includes the legendary Dead Lie the Velvets Underground by Lester Bangs.

The VU Press File

Steve Lane, private printing, UK, April 1991

Limited edition of 100 copies only and something like the VU Scrapbook but with lots of updated articles and photos ending somewhere in 1990.

The VU Press File

Aes-Nihil Books, USA, 1995

Scrapbook of interesting VU-related articles and VU/Lou Reed lyrics. Printing quality is however so-so and some of the articles are unreadable...

the inevitable world of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND


Alfredo Garcia

504 pages, 2011
29,9 x 21,4 cm

Limited edition of 500 copies. Also a special run of 30 copies in Roman numerals destinated to people that collaborated in the book.

The most comprehensive collection of Velvet Underground articles & ads ever collected together in one place. A must-have! Each book includes as bonus a CD containing the very few radio cuts dedicated to the band in that early years, plus a reproduction of the actual picture used in the Detroit Free Press November 21, 1966 article titled "A Mod Pair Joined in Holy Matrimony".

Full info & order:

The Vlevet Underground In Chicago | Alfredo Garcia with pictures by Allan Lee Koss


Alfredo Garcia | With pictures by Allan Lee Koss

70 pages, January 2018
29,8 x 21,1 cm

Limited numbered edition of 150 copies. Comes in a clear blue plastic box (30,8 x 23,5 x 2 cm).

"During the period 1966-1970 The Velvet Underground played Chicago 6 times.

"The Velvet Underground in Chicago" tracks each one, from the very early EPI shows at Poor Richard's June 1966 (elevated to mythic status by Ronald Nameth's Anday Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable film) to the exotic Playboy Club.
From the un-veiling of the WHite Light/White Heat Album at the Aardvark Cinematheque on February 1st 1968 to the Kinetic Playground in January and April 1969, with 11 never seen before pictures by Allan Lee Koss reproduced here for the very first time.
A week of residency at the Quiet Knigh in January 19670 marks the Velvets farewell to the City just few months before Lou Reed left the band. These six very different Velvet adventures make this a most interesting part of their live story has not been fully documented until now."

Private edition, UK, 1999

4 volumes.


Volume 1

Scrapbook including Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal (Babylon Books), and a collection of various VU/Lou Reed articles.


Volume 2

Collection of ads, reviews and articles focused on Lou Reed's Set The Twilight Reeling album.


Volume 3

Compilation of various VU-related articles and Lou Reed stuff from Hooky Wooky tour.

Volume 4


Thanks: Sal Mercuri, Ondrej Klepsa, Daniel Abraham, Chris Van Tuyll, Alfredo Garcia.

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