Lisa Law [photo: Kris Kristofferson]Lisa Law has spent almost four decades capturing the shifting tides of American culture on film, her reputation built on photographs unique for their startling sense of intimacy and spontaneity. Her work has been published in more than fifty books and many magazines, including Newsweek and Time. She lives Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Lisa Law: "Andy Warhol and his group, The Velvet Underground, came to do a gig at The Trip, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip where the most interesting groups always played. They wore black leather and used whips in their act. In spite of this they were very nice people."

Some of the photos can be seen in her book Flashing on the Sixties which will be released this Spring in its fourth edition by Squarebooks. She also has an award winning documentary by the same name. Both the book and the video can be purchased directly from Lisa.

The pictures on this page are a sample of the Velvet Underground photos captured by Lisa Law in May 1966. You can purchase any of these photographs and many others by emailing Lisa Law directly at Please feel free to browse by her site at

Nico and Lou Reed
Nico and Lou Reed rehearsing
on the patio of The Castle, 1966
Lou Reed
Lou Reed - The Castle, May 1966
Nico - Los Angeles 1966
Nico - The Castle, Los Angeles, May 1966
Velvet Underground - The Trip, Los Angeles, May 1966
Nico on stage at the Trip, Los Angeles, May 1966

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