A Night With The Velvet Underground
December 12, 1968, The Boston Tea Party
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Sister Ray
Live at The Boston Tea Party
December 12, 1968
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On December 12-14, 1968, The Velvet Underground played The Boston Tea Party, a venue which they frequently visited during their time. Lou
Moe"Live, at this time, the band was incredible. They were super-tight, confident, very powerful, and loads of fun! One night the MC5 opened for The Velvets; this was when the 5 were at the height of their politically active period and they were accompanied into town by a whole troup of leather-clad White Panther crazies and a raving MC who after their dynamite set exhorted the audience to tear down the hall because it was not large enough to hold their energies and take to the streets.
When The Velvets came on, Lou spoke first to everyone present, saying, 'I'd just like to make one thing clear. We have nothing to do with what went on earlier and in fact we consider it very stupid. This is our favorite place to play in the whole country and we would hate to see anyone even try to destroy it!' The Detroit contingent was stunned by this remark and the thunderous applause that followed it. Doug
Sterling The Velvets played especially well that night..."

Rob Norris, reprinted from Kicks magazine, 1979

Lou & Doug


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