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MV 2060

MV 2060 (white label)

Verve Polydor MV 2060, 1973

Side 1: MV-2060A A-1-8
Side 2: MV-2060B A-1-5
White label promo:
Side 1: MV-2060A A-1-2
Side 2: MV-2060B A-1-1

No gatefold, peelable "close-cut" banana, with obi strip. Airbrushed Emerson on back cover. Insert with biography in Japanese, tracklist in Japanese/English and lyrics in English. Black/silver Verve label, "Polydor K.K., Japan". Also exists as cassette.

Also exists as white label promo, with different matrix numbers however.

Also exists with printed banana cover.

23MM 0191

test pressing

Verve Polydor 23MM 0191, 1978

Side 1: MV-2060A 23MM-191A
Side 2: MV-2060B 23MM-191B

Gatefold, "close-cut" peelable banana, "MANUFACTURED BY POLYDOR K.K., JAPAN KA 8209 Y2,300" printed at the bottom of back cover, obi, no barcode, lyrics sheet.

Also exists as white label test pressing with catalog number stamped on label.

18MM 0526

Verve Polydor 18MM 0526, 1986

Side 1: 18MM-0526A
Side 2: 18MM-0526B

Gatefold cover with close-cut banana sticker. "ROCK | Nice Price Series | 1,800 Yen" obi. Back cover without Emerson, barcode on top left, "MANUFACTURED BY POLYDOR K.K., JAPAN KA 8611 Y1,800" printed at the bottom. Insert with English lyrics and liner in Japanese. Black Verve label.

Also existe with alternate pale blue "ROCK | Nice Price Series | 1,800 Yen" obi.

Verve V-5008, 1997

Side 1: V6-5008A
Side 2: V6-5008B

Japanese replica of original US mono pressing with blue/silver T Verve label, in a gatefold sleeve, with (unpasted) banana sticker, and without Emerson.

UIJY-9005 (front cover)

Universal UIJY-9005, August 8, 2007

Stereo. Peelable banana with Emerson. Perfect replica of original cover except for small UIJY 9005 catalog number at bottom of back cover. 200gm virgin vinyl in plastic LP sleeve, not dup of original sleeve. Japanese lyric insert, ad for Denon equipment and a small flyer for Aural Exploits record company and obi.

The Velvet Underground & Nico | Verve V6-5008 | Japan | front cover

Verve V6-5008, 2010?

Side 1: 001-A
Side 2: 001-B

no barcode

No Gatefold. "THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO" printed on front cover subtitled with Japanese katakana. Printed banana.

Back cover is a repro of the original US cover without Emerson.

23MM 0190

Verve 23MM 0190, 19??

With lyric insert & obi-strip.


Verve 18MM 0583, Japan, 1991 (?)

Housed in the black 'skull' sleeve, including Japanese biography insert with the lyrics to Lady Godiva's Operation, Here She Comes Now and The Gift printed on the reverse, and 'Rock Nice Price' series obi-strip


white label

Verve 23MM 0192, 1982

Reissue, with obi.

Blue/gold MGM label.

Also exists as white label promo sample issue.

The Velvet Underground | Verve 23MM 0433

Verve 23MM 0433, 1985

Reissue, with obi.

English/Japanese lyrics insert.

Black Verve label.

Verve 18MM0610 [front cover]

Verve 18MM 0610, 1991?

Reissue, part of the "ROCK Nice Price Series".

MGM SE-4617

MGM SE-4617, 1997

Side 1: SE4617A
Side 2: SE4617B

Japanese replica of the original US pressing with Lou Reed's closet mix. Blue/gold MGM label which even mislists What Goes On as 3:35 as on original US copies...


white label sample

Warner-Pioneer P-4720A, 1981

Side 1: P-4720A1
Side 2: P-4720A2

Part of the "ROCK FOREVER 1500" series. Made by Warner-Pioneer Corporation, Japan, under license from Atlantic Recordings Corp, U.S.A.

"ROCK FOREVER" series obi. English/Japanese lyrics insert. Red & green Atlantic label.

Also exists as promo edition with "sample" sticker on cover and white Atlantic label.


Warner-Pioneer P-4721A [front cover]

Warner-Pioneer P-4721A [label]

Warner-Pioneer P-4721A, 1981

Side 1: P-4721A1
Side 2: P-4721A2

Part of the "ROCK FOREVER 1500" series. Made by Warner-Pioneer Corporation, Japan, under license from Atlantic Recordings Corp, U.S.A.

"ROCK FOREVER" series obi strip.

English/Japanese lyrics insert. All lyrics transcribed by Linda Hennrick.

Green/white/red Atlantic label. Also exists as white label promo.

MP 2337

Polydor MP 2337 STEREO, ?

Record is pressed in the UK - Polydor 23830-180. The cover and inserts are printed in Japan Polydor KK TA7312. Cover catalogue number is MP 2337 STEREO. Price sticker of ¥2,300 on back cover. Comes with lyric insert and Nagoka anti static record sleeve.

white label

Mercury Nippon Phonogram RJ-5148, 19??

Rock Giant Series obi. Exists as white label promo.



Mercury Nippon Phonogram BT-5176, 1978

Side 1: SRM 27504A 111
Side 2: SRM 27504B 111

Side 1: Waiting For My Man / Lisa Says / What Goes On / Sweet Jane.
Side 2: Ocean / Pale Blue Eyes / Heroin.

Single LP Japanese edition, with side 1 and 3 of the regular 2-LP version. No gatefold. Insert with lyrics and English/Japanese liner notes. Blue Mercury label.

Verve 23MM 0432 (front cover)

Polygram 23MM 0432, 1985

With obi and fold-out lyrics insert. Also exists as white label promo.

Verve 18MM 0611 (front cover)

Polygram 18MM 0611, 19??

Japanese/lyric insert and original 'Nice Price' series obi-strip.

Verve 18MM 0660 (front cover)

Verve 18MM 0660, Japan, 1988

With lyric insert and obi-strip.

Thanks: Alfredo Garcia, Lau Buur Nielsen, Rick Rod, Alessandro Santamaria, Simon Lucas.


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