Between May and October 1969, The Velvet Underground went many times at Record Plant Studio in NYC with engineer Gary Kellgren and amassed a number of tracks for a fourth Verve/MGM album, an album that was never released, even if a catalog number was reserved by MGM: SE-4641. These songs began to turn up in rough form on bootlegs in the mid-seventies, and were finally presented officially in remastered form in the mid-eighties on the collections of previously unreleased recordings VU and Another View. Five tracks - re-remastered and with some extra time - were also reissued in the 1995 Peel Slowly And See 5-CD box set.

The 14 cuts splitted between the two outtakes compilations, "The Great Lost Velvet Underground Album" remains actually unreleased. However it can be restored by extracting and compiling the tracks from the various sources which offers material from the 1969 MGM studio sessions.

You will find below the guidelines to two different editions. The first one 'Hi-Fi' is made from the remastered tracks released on the official records. The second one 'Lo-Fi' - for diehards only - is made of the original rough mixes from various bootleg releases.

2014 update: The Velvet Underground | 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition Disc 4: 1969 Sessions has all the tracks, credited as "14 songs recorded during 1969 for the legendary "Great Lost 4th VU Album", presented in either their original 1969 mixes or in new 2014 mixes)".

Hi-Fi edition

The 14 tracks are presented chronologically and the source indicated is the best one available. Audio software is needed to normalize the tracks from VU and Another View to make them sound as loud as the Peel Slowly And See ones. Perfectionists will have to pick up the introductory coda to Foggy Notion that appears only on the vinyl version of the VU album.

1Foggy NotionMay 6, 19696:56VU(vinyl)+PSAS
2Coney Island SteeplechaseMay 6, 19692:26Another View
3Andy's ChestMay 13, 19692:50VU
4I'm Sticking With YouMay 13, 19692:28PSAS
5She's My Best FriendMay 14, 19692:47VU
6I Can't Stand ItMay 20, 19692:47PSAS
7OceanJune 19, 19695:10VU
8Ferryboat BillJune 19, 19692:11Another View
9Rock And RollJune 19, 19695:15Another View
10Ride Into The SunSeptember 5, 19693:24Another View
11One Of These DaysSeptember 23, 19693:59PSAS
12I'm Gonna Move Right InSeptember 27, 19696:29Another View
13Real Good Time TogetherSeptember 30, 19692:56Another View
14Lisa SaysOctober 1, 19692:57PSAS

Lo-Fi edition

The sources indicated are in my opinion the best available - you can find those tracks on some other bootlegs but usually with inferior sound quality - eg Orange Disaster. Speed correction is needed using the officially released tracks as reference. The completist will restored the introductory coda to Foggy Notion which is only available on the old famous 22 demos tape. I Can't Stand It, Real Good Time Together and Lisa Says haven't surfaced in their rough mix form.

1Foggy NotionMay 6, 19696:4022 demos + White Heat or Etc.
2Andy's ChestMay 13, 19692:56NYC
3I'm Sticking With YouMay 13, 19692:09White Heat or Etc.
4She's My Best FriendMay 14, 19693:00NYC
5OceanJune 19, 19695:11Everything...
6Ferryboat BillJune 19, 19692:12Everything...
7Rock And RollJune 19, 19695:04Everything...
8Ride Into The SunSeptember 5, 19693:01Ride EP
9Ride Into The Sun [w/ intro]September 5, 19693:10Ride EP
10One Of These DaysSeptember 23, 19693:57And So On
11I'm Gonna Move Right InSeptember 27, 19696:40NYC


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