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December 23, 2005
The Velvet Underground - Under Review

UK production company Chrome Dreams and Prism Films will release a new documentary titled The Velvet Underground - Under Review. The film features exclusive interviews with critics, authors, and band members and analyzes the band's musical roots and influences. Among the contributors are Clinton Heylin, Norm Dolph, Billy Name, Dean Wareham, Doug Yule, Moe Tucker, and others. The DVD will be available in March 2006.

[Source: Sal Mercuri]

September 30, 2005
Black Acetate: JOHN CALE

New John Cale album now available:

Black Acetate: John Cale
Copy Controlled Disc EMI 0946 339 182 2 1

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U.S.A. | UK | Deutschland | France | Canada

May 28, 2005
Paid 75 cents; Asking $40,000

"When he paid 75 cents at a Manhatten street sale for this shellacked aluminium record with a handwritten label, Montreal student Warren Hill had no idea it was a master recording of Lou Reed's legendary Velvet Underground that would go on to change the course of rock 'n' roll. Next month, James Adams reports, Hill's sensational find hits eBay -- with an opening bid of $40,000."

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May 28, 2005

John Cale has a new soundtrack CD released on the Syntax label in the UK on July 11th. Directed by CS Leigh the film and album are titled Process. The album is distributed by Cargo. Cale is also working on a film about Andy Warhol with Leigh.

[Source: Gary]

May 7, 2005
Velvet Underground Gold

New 2-CD Velvet Underground collection to be released part of the Universal Double Disc Gold Series - available tuesday June 14, 2005.

This set includes previously unreleased original mixes of Stephanie Says and Temptation Inside Your Heart

Another Velvet Underground compilation entitled Chronicles is said to be released on one week later on June 21, 2005.


1. I'm Waiting For The Man
2. Femme Fatale
3. Venus In Furs
4. Run Run Run
5. All Tomorrow's Parties
6. Heroin
7. There She Goes Again
8. I'll Be Your Mirror
9. Sunday Morning
10. Chelsea Girls - Performed By Nico
11. It Was A Pleasure Then - Performed By Nico
12. White Light/White Heat
13. I Heard Her Call My Name
14. Sister Ray

1. Temptation Inside Your Heart
2. Stephanie Says
3. Hey Mr. Rain [Version One]
4. Candy Says
5. What Goes On
6. Some Kinda Love
7. Pale Blue Eyes
8. Beginning To See The Light
9. Foggy Notion
10. I Can't Stand It
11. One Of These Days
12. Lisa Says
13. New Age [LIVE]
14. Rock And Roll [LIVE]

May 1, 2005
Velvet Underground - The ultimate rarity!

Record Collector UK magazine, issue 310, May 2005 has a 2-page Diggin' For Gold Special about The Velvet Underground first studio session acetate.

The article includes full story, track by track review, interview with producer Norman Dolph and label color photos.

[Special thanks: Kevin Chippendale]

Record Collector issue 310
April 30, 2005
Lost And Found

MOJO UK magazine, issue 138, May 2005 has feature about The Velvet Underground first studio session acetate with color picture of side I's label.

Same issue offers a 7-page article/interview with Lou Reed.

MOJO 138
August 18, 2004
Nat Finkelstein - Defend Freedom


People for the American Way & Downtown for Democracy Present:

Defend Freedom
Lost Life Magazine Photos from August 1965 protest

August 19-September 24, 2004
Opening reception: Thursday, August 19, 7-10pm

People for the American Way
Andrew Heiskell Center for Democracy
149 Fifth Avenue, 7th floor
New York, NY 10010
212 420-0440

Exhibition can be viewed online at: and at

Nat Finkelstein was a photographer with the photo agencies PIX and Black Star during the 1960s. He was a successful mainstream photojournalist, published in major media outlets. Nat is perhaps best known for his work with Andy Warhol as Warhol's 'unofficial' in-house photographer - these Warhol photographs are no recognized as some of the best photographic work of the 20th century.

In August 1965, Nat was assigned by Life Magazine to photograph protestors in Washington DC. The protest - known as the Assembly of Unrepresented Persons - was designed to link opposition to the Vietnam War with support for voting rights to create a broader peace and freedom movement. Urged on by a young woman holding a "DEFEND FREEDOM" sign, the protesters tried nonviolently to enter the Capitol to present a "Declaration of Peace." But police intervened and a melee ensued - with Nat Finkelstein there to capture every frame of it.

After the protest, Nat gave his negatives to a messenger from Life's Washington office. Those negatives promptly disappeared. For almost thirty years, they remained missing and this hole in the historical record persisted. But fortunately, the contact sheets of the images Nat captured that day were recently re-discovered. This exhibition marks their first public viewing.

At a time when Americans are deeply divided over a foreign war, self-proclaimed "patriots" attempt to stifle dissent and certain images (e.g. flag-draped coffins) are banned, Nat Finkelstein's photos from August 1965 are especially poignant. They are powerful reminders that the need for protest knows no historical period.

For further information, please contact Brownwyn Keenan at or Molly Lombardi at

[Source: Elizabeth Finkelstein]


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