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December 27, 2000
Special interview & equipments
January 2001 issue of Japanese Guitar Magazine has a 7-page article with interview with Lou Reed and Pete Cornish, lots of photos: Lou's guitars, effect racks, pedals, and Mike Rathke's guitars and a nice chart of Lou's effects.
December 25, 2000
More Cale live dates
More Cale live dates:
  • February 7, Patronaat, Haarlem , The Netherlands
  • February 9, Teatro Bretón, Salamanca, Spain
  • February 10, Auditoria de Murcia, Murcia, Spain
  • February 11, Bikini, Barcelona, Spain

[Source: Hans Werksman (a.k.a Johan Molenaar) - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend]

December 18, 2000
Music Magazine
Music Magazine 12 The December 2000 issue of the Japanese Music Magazine offers a Lou Reed cover plus 6-page article including interview, Japan gig review and setlist illustrated with 4 exclusive photos.

December 14, 2000
Tout un POEme
2-page POEtry article in French daily newspaper Libération #6090, December 14 issue.
December 12, 2000
Portrait du rocker en poète
2-page POEtry article in French magazine Les Inrockuptibles, December 12-18 issue.

The online edition offers a video excerpt and 56 seconds of Lou Reed filmed at the premiere at L'Odéon Theatre in Paris.

December 12, 2000
POEtry at L'Odéon
The Bob Wilson-Lou Reed collaboration POEtry is performed at L'Odéon Theatre in Paris from December 12 to 22.

Check out for a POEtry special including audio excerpts.

December 11, 2000
Edgar Allan Poe en son théâtre d'ombres poétiques
French daily newpaper Le Monde has a POEtry preview - read it online at,2320,126592,00.html
December 10, 2000
Remastered Violence
John Cale's Vintage Violence album has been digitally remastered from the original analog master tapes at Sony Music Studios in New York, utilizing 24-bit HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) technology. The release - which includes two bonus tracks - has been scheduled for February 13th in-store date on Legacy, a division of Sony Music.

John Cale - Vintage Violence
CK 65935, originally released 1970

1. Hello There / 2. Gideon's Bible / 3. Adelaide / 4. Big White Cloud / 5. Cleo / 6. Please / 7. Charlemagne / 8. Bring It On Up / 9. Amsterdam / 10. Ghost Story / 11. Fairweather Friend / Bonus tracks (from the Vintage Violence sessions): 12. Fairweather Friend (previously unreleased alternate version) / 13. Wall (previously unreleased track).

December 8, 2000

John Cale will play at East End Cafe in Newark, Delaware on Sunday December 17, 2000

December 7, 2000
European Tour
Cale's European tour starts on Jan 27th in Greece going to Italy then Spain.

[Source: Gary]

December 5, 2000
Cale UK/Eire tour
Cale February 2001 UK/Eire tour - gigs expected to be solo but featuring BJ Cole
  • 13th London Queen Elizabeth hall (tel 0207 9604244)
  • 14th Dublin Vicar St (tel 003531 6097788)
  • 15th Cambridge Corn Exchange (tel 01223 357851 )
  • 16th Exeter Phoenix (tel 01392 425309)
  • 18th Coventry Warwick Arts Centre (University of Warwick) (tel 02476 524524)

[Source: Gary]

December 5, 2000
Cale UK/Eire tour
Cale February 2001 UK/Eire tour - gigs expected to be solo but featuring BJ Cole
  • 13th London Queen Elizabeth hall (tel 0207 9604244)
  • 14th Dublin Vicar St (tel 003531 6097788)
  • 15th Cambridge Corn Exchange (tel 01223 357851 )
  • 16th Exeter Phoenix (tel 01392 425309)
  • 18th Coventry Warwick Arts Centre (University of Warwick) (tel 02476 524524)

[Source: Gary]

December 2, 2000
Turning Point
The Turning Point just booked for 2 nights John Cale on December 27, Wednesday and December 28, Thursday. John Cale will be performing a special solo performance each night at 7:30 doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $35.

[Source: John at Turning Point]

November 27, 2000
More Cale dates
John Cale will be performing a solo set at the Village Underground in NYC on the 13th of December.

[Source: Sal Mercuri]

John Cale will perform his autobiography in February 2001 at Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, Germany including himself and one actress and one saxaphone player.

[Source: Bruce]

Also he will play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland OH on December 12 - see Museum December 2000 calendar and Public Programs.

November 20, 2000
Abschied - Brechts letzter Sommer
John Cale is listed by IMDB as music composer for Abschied - Brechts letzter Sommer, a German/Polish film directed by Jan Schütte.

[Source: Stu]

November 19, 2000
John Cale at Johnny D's
John Cale is on the schedule for December 14 at Johnny D's in Somerville Massachusetts.

Johnny D's December calendar says: "It's hard to think of an experimental rock artist who has covered more bases than John in his more than 30-year career. It started, of course with the Velvet Underground, and has gone to include work with Lou Reed, Brian Eno, and Larry "Ratso" Sloman (editor National Lampoon) among others. His classical training and study with John cage has been the underpinning of his unique view of the music world, one that has never flinched at the outrageous, but instead has used controversy to drive home the inherent inconsistencies of modern culture. This is a special solo show."

November 15, 2000
The 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century
The Velvet Underground & Nico is listed among NPR's "100 most important American musical works of the 20th century".

Check out NPR Online for a pretty good Velvet Underground 10-min history in Realaudio.

[Source: Sal Mercuri]

October 12, 2000
Record Collector
Record Collector No. 254 (dated October 2000) has a review of Buddha Records' reissue of Lou Reed's Growing Up In Public by Peter Doggett.
September 29, 2000
Universal Mutant #3
This month's issue of THE WIRE has a free double CD available to worldwide subscribers and UK residents only. CD 1 track 14 is Angus Maclise Universal Mutant #3 - this track is unreleased and exclusive to this magazine.

[Source: Gary]

September 26, 2000
Bowie at the Beeb
Bowie at the Beeb Bowie at the Beeb - The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72 (EMI BBC 5 28958 2) is now available. This double CD set includes two Velvet Underground covers: Waiting For The Man (recorded on January 18, 1972 for Sounds of the 70s: Bob Harris) and White Light/White Heat (recorded on May 16, 1972 for Sounds of the 70s: John Peel).

Get it at CDnow!

September 22, 2000
The Millennium Collection
In stores October 10...

The Velvet Underground
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of The Velvet Underground

Mercury 549 133, USA, 2000

  1. I'm Waiting For The Man
  2. Run Run Run
  3. Heroin
  4. White Light White Heat
  5. Sister Ray
  6. Beginning To See The Light
  7. What Goes On
  8. Pale Blue Eyes
  9. I Can't Stand It
  10. Sweet Jane - (live)
  11. Rock And Roll - (live)

Pre-order it at CDnow!

September 21, 2000
Metal Machine Music
In stores October 10...

Lou Reed
Metal Machine Music

Buddha Records

Special Packaging: LIMITED NUMBERED EDITION DELUXE slipcase - Special Holographic Foil Printing (Metalic Looking). 12 page booklet with new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Frickeand Lou Reed original liner notes.
  1. Metal Machine Music, Part I
  2. Metal Machine Music, Part II
  3. Metal Machine Music, Part III
  4. Metal Machine Music, Part IV

The year 2000 marks the 25th Anniversary of one of the most controversial pop music products of the 20th Century. Depending upon whom you ask, Metal Machine Music is either the most brilliant and audacious move of Lou Reed's career, or a complete slap in the face to his audience, record label, and critics. Rather than using musical instruments or the human voice, Reed chose to stack multiple combinations of reverberating electronic sound, creating a vast, industrial howl. No lyrics, no melodies, just pulsing white noise and pure feedback. This new music, Reed contended, was "the perfect soundtrack to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Creem's Lester Bangs termed it "The Greatest Album Ever Made"; Rolling Stone voted it the worst album of the year; Billboard stated simply, "Recommended Cuts: None."

The album's impact was monumental. The visionary Punk fanzine's first issue declared "Metal Machine Music is one of the greatest records of all time. It kicked off the whole punk movement." While the current generation of ambient/industrial/electro-acoustic drone mavens were still learning to crawl, Reed had already employed the studio as an instrument. Today, Metal Machine Music stands as one of the most influential rock albums ever, while continuing to sound as uncompromising as when you first yanked it off the stereo and ran screaming from the room.

Pre-order it at CDnow!

September 16, 2000
The September issue of THE WIRE magazine has a 500 word review of Angus MacLise's Brain Damage in Oklahma City CD.

[Source: Gary]

September 16, 2000
Brain Damage in Oklahoma City
Brain Damage Angus MacLise
Brain Damage In Oklahoma City

Silbreeze SB-81, USA, 2000
  1. Another Druid's Nest
  2. Haight Riot Mime
  3. Epiphany
  4. Loft Collage
  5. Drum Solo
  6. Dream Weapon Benefit for the Oklahoma City Police Dept. pt. 1
  7. Dream Weapon Benefit... pt. 2
  8. Cembalum

Get it at CDnow!

September 15, 2000
November 4th
Moe and Doug will be playing Saturday Night November 4th at Terrastock in Seattle - see below.

[Source: Jason Lane]

September 11, 2000
Q magazine has a two page review of Reed's August 3rd Warsaw concert

[Source: Gary]

September 1, 2000
Terrastock IV
Moe Tucker and Doug Yule are among the bands confirmed to appear at the fourth Terrastock festival of arts and music which takes place this year over the weekend of November 3rd - 5th, 2000. The venue chosen is the historic Showbox, located in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA.



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