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April 26, 2000
Columbiahalle, Berlin on 26th April
1. Paranoia / 2. Turn To Me / 3. Modern Dance / 4. Ecstasy / 5. Small Town / 6. Future Farmers Of America / 7. Turning Time Around / 8. Romeo had Juliette / 9. Riptide / 10. Rock Minuet / 11.Mystic Child / 12. Mad / 13. The Last Shot / 14. Tatters / 15. Set The Twilight Reeling / 16. Dime Store Mystery (incomplete due to PA breakdown) / 17. Dirty Blvd / 18. The Blue Mask / encore: 19. Sweet Jane / 20. Vicious.

[Source: Henning]

April 26, 2000
Lou Reed Turns The Tables
Lou Reed Turns The Tables On Sonicnet... - a Q&A with Lou Reed.
April 25, 2000
Große Freiheit
Lou Reed's setlist at the Große Freiheit in Hamburg, April 25, 2000:

1. Paranoia / 2. Turn To Me / 3. Modern Dance / 4. Ecstasy / 5. Small Town / 6. Future Farmers Of America / 7. Turning Time Around / 8. Romeo had Juliette / 9. Riptide / 10. Rock Minuet / 11. Mystic Child / 12. Mad / 13. The Last Shot / 14. Tatters / 15. Set The Twilight Reeling / 16. Dime Store Mystery / 17. The Blue Mask / 1st encore: 18. Egg Cream / 19. Who Am I / 20. Sweet Jane / 2nd encore: 21. Vicious.

[Source: Simmel]

April 24, 2000
Lou Reed - Dusseldorf, Philipshalle - April 24th 2000

Setlist: 1. Paranoia / 2. Turn To Me / 3. Modern Dance / 4. Ecstasy / 5. Small Town / 6. Future Farmers Of America / 7. Turning Time Around / 8. Romeo had Juliette / 9. Riptide / 10. Rock Minuet / 11. Mystic Child / 12. Mad / 13. The Last Shot / 14. Tatters / 15. Set The Twilight Reeling / 16. Dime Store Mystery / 17. The Blue Mask / 1st encore: 18. Egg Cream / 19. Who Am I / 20. Sweet Jane / 2nd encore: 21. Vicious.

April 24, 2000
Rock Palast
Rockpalast The German TV will have a Reed/Cale Rockpalast special on June 4, 2000 (01:35-6:15AM) with broadcast of Lou Reed April 24, 2000 show at Philipshalle in Düsseldorf and the old John Cale shows Zeche Bochum March 6, 1983 and Grugahalle Essen October 13, 1984.

[Source: Oli]

April 22, 2000
Lou Reed Oostende 22/04
Setlist: 1. Paranoia Key Of E / 2. Turn To Me / 3. Modern Dance / 4. Ecstasy / 5. Small Town / 6. Future Farmers of America / 7. Turning Time Around / 8. Romeo Had Juliette / 9. Riptide / 10. Rock Minuet / 11. Mystic Child / 12. Mad / 13. The Last Shot / 14. Tatters / 15. Set The Twilight Reeling / 16. Dime Store Mystery / 17. The Blue Mask / encore: 18. Egg Cream / 19. Who Am I / 20. Sweet Jane / 2nd encore: 21. Vicious / 22. Dirty Blvd.
April 22, 2000
Lou Reed in Kursaal Oostende 22 april 2000
Setlist: 1. Paranoia Key Of E / 2. Turn To Me / 3. Modern Dance / 4. Ecstasy / 5. Small Town / 6. Future Farmers of America / 7. Turning Time Around / 8. Romeo Had Juliette / 9. Riptide / 10. Rock Minuet / 11. Mystic Child / 12. Mad / 13. The Last Shot / 14. Tatters / 15. Set The Twilight Reeling / 16. Dime Store Mystery / 17. The Blue Mask / encore: 18. Egg Cream / 19. Who Am I / 20. Sweet Jane / 2nd encore: 21. Vicious.
April 22, 2000
Rock 'n' Roll Animal... Or Not?
NME 22 April 2000 has a 2½-page article/interview with Lou Reed by James Oldham including two exclusive photos by Steve Gullick.

"After a lecture in a bookstore and a sushi dinner at De Niro's place washed down with $260 bottles of wine, NME feels compelled a walk on the mild side these days..."

April 16, 2000
Lou Reed High on 'Ecstasy'
Lou Reed High on 'Ecstasy' - Rock veteran says new CD meets all his artistic goals by Dan Ouellette on SF Gate.
April 15, 2000
More Cale news
Cale's Caribbean Sunset is to be issued on CD for the first time by the same company who released Sabotage. They are aware of the Villa Albani remixes and if the tapes can be found will be extra tracks (the studio version of Mercenaries was not included on the Sabotage CD as John has lost the master tape).

MOJO magazine report a new Cale album for late summer titled Beautiful Mistake featuring other Welsh artists, featuring a re-recording of his song (for Sterling) Some Friends.

Cale only performed at Aberystwyth University on the 4th April and the planned premier of the film Beautiful Mistake was cancelled.

[Source: Gary]

April 14, 2000
Pope To Host Concert Featuring Lou Reed
Pope To Host Concert Featuring Lou Reed - Sonicnet's Bill Hoffman reports: Great Jubilee Concert for a Debt-Free World to be held May 1 in Rome.
April 14, 2000
Cash for questions
Q magazine no. 164 (May 2000) has a 4-page article/interview with Lou Reed by Tom Doyle with color photos by Pat Pope.

"He was the dark lord of rock 'n' roll, poet of the gutter and cheap biker speed. He threw you out of a gig once and in the '90s he had evil hair. But that's alright, because you've found it in your heart to forgive "Laughing" Lou Reed"

This issue has a "When rock stars go crazy" special with the 100 greatest acts of rock 'n' roll folly. John Cale gets #45 for the famous chicken incident in Croydon, and Lou Reed #13 for Metal Machine Music.

The magazine aslo includes a full-page ad for Ecstasy and a review by Stuart Maconie with another color photo.

April 14, 2000
Artful Codger
Ecstasy review by Stuart Bailey with one color photo by Stefab de Batselier in NME, 15 April 2000.
April 14, 2000
A Lost '70's Classic!
Rock And Roll Heart Lou Reed - Rock And Roll Heart
CD, Buddha Records 74465 99657 2, USA, April 2000
Digitally remastered, new liner notes, original packaging

1. I Believe In Love / 2. Banging On My Drum / 3. Follow The Leader / 4. You Wear It So Well / 5. Ladies Pay / 6. Rock And Roll Heart / 7. Chooser And The Choosen One / 8. Senselessly Cruel / 9. Claim To Fame / 10. Vicious Circle / 11. A Sheltered Life / 12. Temporary Thing.

"Lou Reed recorded Rock And Roll Heart at the legendary Record Plant in New York City in 1976. The album has a melodious jazz/swing/boogie feel with fast-paced vocals showcasing Reed's virtuoso lyric range. From the five word "Banging On My Drum," to the penetrating song/stories "Senselessly Cruel" and "Vicious Circle," to the comical title track, Rock And Roll Heart is alternately upbeat and down, hopeful and cynical, hilarious and sad, full of angst and sturm."

Get it at CDnow!

April 13, 2000
Lou Reed: One Day He'll Be Dead
Lou Reed: One Day He'll Be Dead in News.
April 13, 2000
Reed joins the Pope for debt-free world benefit
Lou Reed to Perform at Jubilee Concert, Tour in news.
April 12, 2000
Love Me
Love Me Love Me - Original Film Soundtrack
CD, Mercury France 542 373-2, EU, 2000
Original music composed by John Cale. Limited numbered edition in gatefold sleeve.

1. Heartbreak Hotel (2:15) / 2. Requiem (1:39) / 3. Tryin' To Get To You (2:45) / 4. A Thrill And A Half (0:41) / 5. (Let Me Be) Your Teddy Bear (1:52) / 6. A Thrill And A Half (0:38) / 7. And It's Supposed To Be Loved (5:05) / 8. Loving You (2:02) / 9. Love Theme (0:35) / 10. Tommy (1:09) / 11. Love Theme Electric (0:35) / 12. Cotton (0:39) / 13. Love Me Tender (0:33) / 14. Love Theme Acoustic (1:02) / 15. Jesus Lord (0:58) / 16. Love Me Tender (0:20) / 17. Low And Troubled (0:46) / 18. Love Theme Acoustic (0:46) / 19. Loving You (1:49) / 20. St James Infirmary (1:23) / 21. Solitary (1:37) / 22. Loving You (0:21) / 23. Sailor Theme (3:28) / 24. Rocking Chair (0:41) / 25. Last Scene (1:48) / 26. Love Me Tender (2:45) / 27. Heartbreak Hotel (4:54) / 28. Taipei (1:08) / 29. Can't Help Falling In Love With You (3:01).

Track 4, 6, 9, 11, 14, 18, 21, 23, 24, 28 produced, written and arranged by John Cale. Track 27 performed and sung by John Cale, live in 1992.

April 12, 2000
Urgent news Cale tour
John Cale's concert at Worcester Huntingdon Hall on 12.4.2000 was moved to l0.4.00 at last minute so he can go back to New York for the America Psycho event - see below.
April 11, 2000
Lou Reed Plans Trek Across U.S., Canada
Lou Reed Plans Trek Across U.S., Canada -'s Alexis Georgopoulos reports: Rock poet will cover 15 cities in June.
April 11, 2000
Uncut #36 has a 9-page article/interview with Lou with some never seen before photos and a full-page ad. Plus free CD including one Lou Reed song.
April 11, 2000
Instore signing in Paris
On Wenesday, April 19, Lou will be at Fnac Saint-Lazare in Paris for an instore signing at 5pm.

[Source: Les Inrockuptibles no 238, April 11-17, 2000, p. 12]

April 9, 2000
Maidstone set list
Cale Maidstone 8.4.00 England set list - first four tracks solo, rest with Adam Dorn.

Ship Of Fools / Wedding Anniversary / Do Not Go Gentle / Dying On The Vine / A Dream / Cordoba / Some Friends / Gun / Set Me Free / Hallelujah / Things / Cable Hogue / Heartbreak Hotel / Fear Is A Man's Best Friend / Solid Motel / Style It Takes / Thoughtless Kind / Close Watch.

April 8, 2000
Lou Aride
Lou Aride - Ecstasy and Knitting Factory show review by Laurent Rigoulet in French daily newspaper Libération with large black and white photo by Claude Gassian. Small color photo and insert on cover.

"En prélude à la sortie d'un album incisif, Lou Reed en concert new-yorkais."

April 6, 2000
Dutch news
Ecstasy was reviewed in the April 1 issue of Dutch magazine OOR and in Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant April 6.

[Source: Max]

April 6, 2000
Mediaeval Baebes
John Cale has produced the new Mediæval Bæbes album, the vocal group leaded by ex-Miranda Sex Garden Katharine Blake. Undrentide has been recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios. Out on April 25.

[Source: Les Inrockuptibles no 237, April 4-10, 2000, p. 8]

April 4, 2000
Lou Reed Sticks To Gritty Familiar Territory On Ecstasy
Lou Reed Sticks To Gritty Familiar Territory On Ecstasy - Sonicnet Staff Writer Brian Hiatt reports: Former Velvet Underground singer's latest album revolves around sex, drugs, New York.
April 4, 2000
Rolling Stone
Lou Reed's New Agony and Ecstasy by Adam Falik, April 1, 2000.

"Lou Reed on new album, new book and New York."

Rolling Stone issue 838, Aprril 13, 2000 has an Ecstasy review by Robert Christgau with an illustraion by Zohar Lazar.

"Lou Reed goes back to his roots: sadomasochism and guitar hooks."

April 4, 2000
Cale news
Discovery records will do mail order worldwide for all the Cale soundtrack CD's on Crepsecule label, they also deal with the Spanish various artists CD with "Daybreak" on. Also available from VIRGIN SPAIN.

The new Cale biography is due Feb 2001 written by Tim Mitchell.

Cale's concerts in Aberystwyth are solo the other four dates on the UK tour feature US DJ Adam Dorn.

[Source: Gary]

April 3, 2000
Sunday Herald
Ecstasy review by David Keenan in Sunday Herald, April 2, 2000.
April 3, 2000
Roskilde Festival 2000

3 April 2000

- the current and much praised legend will perform few concerts this year

At the same time as Lou Reed's latest CD has been released and has received widespread critical praise, the organisers of the Roskilde Festival have announced that the legendary artist has been added to the list of established, current names at this year's festival.

Lou Reed's latest album "ECSTASY" has put both reviewers and other listeners in ecstasy. A snarling, cracking album, it once again lifts Lou Reed out of the mass of artists who make their living with the release of an occasional, predictable record. In a short time, we will meet Reed and his tight, well-playing band at full volume.

Neither his upcoming indoor concert tour or the summer's outdoor European tour will bring the taut and tense Lou Reed to Scandinavia, except for this concert at Roskilde Festival in the beginning of July. Roskilde Festival seems to have invited Lou Reed back (he last played in Roskilde in 1984) at just the right time."

[Source: The Official Roskilde Festival Website]

April 2, 2000
Record Collector
1-page Ecstasy review with interview by Patrick Humphries in UK magazine Record Collector no. 248, April 2000, p. 104.

"Lou Reed - The Legend returns with a new album, "Ecstasy", and a host of other projects"

April 2, 2000
American Psycho after show
John Cale will perform at an after show party following a benefit screening of American Psycho at Lot 61 in New York City on April 12. Cale composed much of the soundtrack to the film, which includes such artists as David Bowie, the Cure, New Order, and Eric B. and Rakim, among others. Tickets for the screening, held at Clearview Cinemas earlier in the evening, range from $75 to $750 and can be reserved by calling (212) 966-3651. All proceeds go to the Wooster Group.
April 2, 2000
Knitting Factory setlists
Here are the setlists for Lou's show at the Knitting Factory, NYC.
  • March 31: Paranoia / Turn To Me / Modern Dance / Ecstasy / All Tomorrow's Parties / Future Farmers Of America / Turning Time Around / Romeo Had Juliette / Riptide / Rock Minuet / Mystic Child / Mad / The Last Shot / Tatters / Set The Twilight Reeling / Dime Store Mystery / The Blue Mask / White Prism / Who Am I (from Poe-try) / Sweet Jane.
  • April 1: Paranoia / Turn To Me / Modern Dance / Ecstasy / Small Town / Future Farmers Of America / Turning Time Around / Romeo Had Juliette / Riptide / Rock Minuet / Mystic Child / Mad / The Last Shot / Tatters / Set The Twilight Reeling / Dime Store Mystery / The Blue Mask / White Prism / Who Am I / Sweet Jane.
  • April 2: Paranoia / Turn To Me / Modern Dance / Ecstasy / Small Town / Future Farmers Of America / Turning Time Around / Romeo Had Juliette / Riptide / Rock Minuet / Mystic Child / Mad / The Last Shot / Tatters / Set The Twilight Reeling / Dime Store Mystery / The Blue Mask / Egg Cream / Who Am I / Sweet Jane.

[Source: Sal Mercuri & Max]

April 1, 2000
Check out the following links for forthcoming Lou Reed webcasts:
April 1, 2000
Velvet Underground Special
Velvet Underground special on Canal Jimmy, sat tv in Italy, on april 14.
  • 9.30 pm: Curious - The Velvet Underground In Europe directed by D.Lowney in 1993 during the reunion tour
  • 10.30 pm: Songs For Drella
  • 11.20 pm: Nico icon by Susan Ofteringer

[Source: Luca]

March 29, 2000
Reed, between the lines
Reed, between the lines - an Ecstasy/Pass Thru Fire coverage by Howard Halle on Time Out New York.

"Looking for clues to Lou Reed's current state of mind on his new album, Ecstasy? The cranky rocker says you're wasting your time."

[Source: Sal Mercuri]

March 28, 2000
on the wild side
on the wild side - Les Inrockuptibles #236 (March 28-April 3) has an Ecstasy review by Bruno Juffin with one color photo (p. 51). Same issue has a 1/3-page ad for the forthcoming album and French shows (p. 47).
March 28, 2000
Lou will be interviewed on UK BBC Radio 4 at 7:15 pm on Wednesday 28th March.

[Source: Guy Loveday]

March 27, 2000
Big Rotation
Big Rotation - Ecstasy review by Max Finneran on
March 25, 2000
Rock 'n' Roll Animal
Now available:

Lou Reed - Rock 'n' Roll Animal
RCA 07863 67948-2, USA, March 21, 2000

Recorded at The Academy of Music, New York City, December 21, 1973. Originally produced by Steve Katz & Lou reed. Reissue supervised by Paul Williams for House of Hits Productions. Includes 2 previously unreleased tracks (*) mixed by James P. Nichols. Digital transfers: Mike Hartry. Audio restoration: Bill Lacey. Project director: Dalita Keumurian. 8-page insert with new liner notes by Michael Hill.
    RCA 07863 67948-2
  1. Intro / Sweet Jane (7:46)
  2. Heroin (13:13)
  3. How Do You Think It Feels* (3:41)
  4. Caroline Says I* (3:55)
  5. White Light.White Heat (5:21)
  6. Lady Day (3:54)
  7. Rock 'n' Roll (9:33)
March 25, 2000
De Granada A La Luna
De Granada A La Luna
2-CD, Sombra Records SRCD 002, Spain

This various artists tribute to Spanish poet Garcia Lorca features a John Cale song Daybreak music by Cale words by Lorca sung in English.

March 25, 2000
Private Lou
Two long-forgotten Lou Reed recordings from 1962, Your Love and Merry-Go-Round, are being included on Rockin' On Broadway: The Time Brent Shad Story (Ace) in May. The compilation, which documents the work of producer Bob Shad, also includes minor hits by early '60s vocal groups The Bell Notes, Skip 'n' Slip and Beau Marks.

[Source: MOJO #77, April 2000]

March 25, 2000
Big Apple grumble
MOJO #77 - April's issue - has a full-page Ecstasy review by Charles Shaar Murray and interview with Lou Reed by Phil Sutcliffe and full-page color illustration by Robert Hoare - see p. 88-89.

"Uncle Lou's first studio album in almost five years. Guitars, guitars, guitars - great big dirty ones. Approach the monstrous 18-minutes-plus Like A Possum with EXTREME PRECAUTION."

Same issue has ads for forthcoming John Cale (p. 127) and Lou Reed (p.133) shows in UK.

March 24, 2000
The Guardian
Reed it and weep it - a negative review of Lou Reed's forthcoming Ecstasy by Tom Cox.

"Not CD of the week - Tom Cox wonders why we should struggle through any more of Lou Reed's grumpiness."

March 23, 2000
Rock & Folk
Ecstasy review by Gil Boiteux in French Rock & Folk magazine #392, April 2000. Read p. 74.
March 21, 2000
SXSW Report
John Cale & Alejandro Escovedo At the Austin Music Awards during SXSW on March 15, John Cale and Alejandro Escovedo paid tribute to Sterling Morrison with a four-song set that included Cale Amsterdam, his song for Sterling Some Friends, and Escovedo's song for Sterling, Tugboat. The two finished the set with Waiting for My Man accompanied by the Tosca string section.

On March 16, Cale appeared on an SXSW panel titled "Sterling Morrison: Velvet Underdog" and then showcased that night at the Texas Union Ballroom on UT campus. He was accompanied by Mark Deffenbaugh and Lance Doss plus DJ Adam Dorn. The set included new arrangements of Fear, Gun, and Hallelujah. Two new songs were performed, Sold Motel and Things.

[Source: Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle]

March 20, 2000
Brooklyn Boogie
Blue In The Face (aka Brooklyn Boogie), a 1995 film by Wayne Wang and Paul Auster with Harvey Keitel and Lou Reed - tonight 10:45PM on French/German Arte TV.
March 17, 2000
Jag gillar ju rock’n’roll
Jag gillar ju rock’n’roll - review/interview with Lou in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
March 17, 2000
Yellow Underground
The Velvet Underground And Nico
Verve V6-5008

New edition of The Velvet Undergound And Nico - a beautiful replica of the 1971 Verve gatefold edition with printed banana.

This issue is a limited edition of 500 copies on yellow vinyl - now available.

March 15, 2000
Halb Freud - Halb Frankenstein
See Halb Freud - Halb Frankenstein by Heike Kevenhörster on Das Bild Online Sound Studio.
March 13, 2000
POEtry will be performed at the Thalia Theater on April 18, 19, 20 and May 8, 9, 10 and tentatively 24, 25, 26.

[Source: Sister Ray Enterprises]

March 10, 2000
Lou Reed, Leyenda Viva Del Rock

El Pais Spanish newspaper has a whole website dedicated to Lou Reed - Lou Reed, Leyenda Viva Del Rock - with text written by Rafa Cervera.

March 8, 2000
John Cale Honorary Doctorate
John Cale will be awarded a Honorary Doctorate for general merit at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) on May 26. Math Professor Bob Lowen (52) of the RUCA was the promotor of Cale's nominaton. The day after the presentation, May 27, Cale will perform in De Singel in Antwerp.

[Source: Bert Timmermans]

March 7, 2000
Barnes and Noble
On Tuesday, April 4th, Lou will be at Barnes and Noble, Union Square, NYC for an instore signing of Pass Thru Fire at 7:30pm.

[Source: Sister Ray Enterprises]

March 7, 2000
Lou Reed CD reissues

Rock 'n' Roll Animal
including two previously unreleased tracks: How Do You Think It Feels and Caroline Says I
out on March 21, 2000

Rock & Roll Heart [original recording remastered]
(BMG/Buddah Records)
out on April 4, 2000

Pre-order now at CDnow!

March 7, 2000
nerve radio

nerve radio has the world exclusive on debuting tracks from the new Lou Reed CD Ecstasy which begins March 20. nerve radio is a part of, a website devoted to the thoughtful consideration of sex.

Right now, you can hear Lou's 18 miunte opus, Like A Possum by logging on to They've even reprinted the lyrics so you can follow along.

[Source: Paul Bendat, nerve radio]

March 7, 2000
Two page article about Lou in Finnish Ilta-Sanomat daily newspaper. The article is basically about the new LP and book, naturally. He was in Stockholm giving interviews. There was one funny thing in the story: when asked if he'd do a photo with the Finnish journalists, Lou said OK but only with his eyes closed. And sure enough: there's a big photo of Lou with his eyes closed...

[Source: Mikko Kapanen]

March 4, 2000
Swedish Television will air an interview with Lou Reed in Söndagsöppet on SVT1 Sunday March 5.
March 3, 2000
Tekst og musikk fra Lou Reed - an interview with Lou Reed in the Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet.
March 3, 2000
Ecstasy gets 5 stars top rating and is Album of the Month in April's issue of Uncut UK magazine.
March 1, 2000
Dagens Nyheter
There is a long interview with Lou in the Swedish newspaper called Dagens Nyheter today - see for the online version of the interview and audio samples of Lou's forthcoming Ecstasy album.

[Source: Peter Skoglund]

February 28, 2000
Billboard - Reed Offers New Set Full Of 'ecstasy'
See Reed Offers New Set Full Of 'ecstasy' by Jim Bessman on Billboard online.
February 26, 2000
More South by Southwest
John Cale is scheduled to perform at the Sterling Morrison Tribute on 3/15 at the Austin Music Hall. He will also appear on the Sterling Morrison panel at SXSW and play a showcase on 3/16 at 11pm. He is scheduled to do lots of press too.

[Source: Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle]

February 26, 2000
Pass Thru Fire
Pass Thru Fire Pass Thru Fire - The Collected Lyrics
Lou Reed
Hyperion, ISBN 0-7868-6452-4, 469 p. hardcover, New York, USA

"A comprehensive chronicle of the work of an American Master, Pass Thru Fire is breathtaking in its power and raw beauty, and crucial to an aprreciation of Lou Reed not only as a consummate musician of the underground, but also as one of the truly sgnificant poets of our time. Spanning over thirty years of work - from his early days with the Velvet Underground, to the classics "Transformer," "Berlin," and "New York"; from the elegiac "Magic and Loss" to his brillant collaborative production with Robert Wilson, "Time Rocker" - here are the lyrics that move beyond reportage to take "emotional albeit non-moral stances." Included as well are the lyrics to an extraordinary new album, Ecstasy. "Love and desire for transcendence run through these songs," Reed writes. "The characters are always moving towards something; there is conflict, and they try to deal with it... They understand the desire to see 'The Bells,' to hear the announcement of transcendence and freedom. And that's what all the lyrics are about."

February 24, 2000
Lou will be taping a performance on the David Letterman Show on Tuesday, April 4. The show will air that same night.

[Source: Sister Ray Enterprises]

February 22, 2000
John Cale UK Tour 2000
  • April 4th/5th, Aberystwyth, Wales
  • April 8th, Maidstone, The Exchange
  • April 9th, Birmingham, Ronnie Scotts
  • April 11th, Milton Keynes, Wavendon Stables
  • April 12th, Worcester, Huntingdon Hall

February 20, 2000
You Can't Relive The Past
You Can't... Lou Reed participates on the titlesong of Eric Andersen's You Can't Relive The Past new record, out February 21st.

[Source: Einar Stenseng]

You'll find additional information and RealAudio file of You Cant't Relieve the Past on

Get it at CDnow!

February 17, 2000
Poetry - the new Bob Wilson/Lou Reed collaboration - was premiered at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg on February 13. Lou Reed did the words, the music and the libretto. The opera is about 2 hours ½ long, based on the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe, and has two acts.

Act 1

  • Prolog - song: These are the stories of Edgar Allan Poe
  • The valley of Unrest - song: Call On Me
  • The city in the sea - song: Change
  • The fall of the house of Usher
  • The raven - song: Perfect Day
  • The balloon - song: I Am A Balloon

Act 2:

  • The headless man - song: Broadway Song
  • The Tell-Tale heart - songs: Blind Rage, Burning Embers
  • The Imp of Perverse - song: Vanishing Act
  • The cask of Amontillado - songs: The Cask, Guilty
  • The Pit and the Pendulum - songs: Who Am I, In The Science Of The Mind
  • Annabel Lee - song: The Bed
  • Hop Frog The End - song: Hop Frog
  • The End - song: Guardian Angel

As an encore Lou Reed did perform two songs from POEtry: Guardian Angel and Guilty. All the songs are new except The Bed (from Berlin), Perfect Day (from Transformer) and Vanishing Act (from Time rocker) are old

[Source: The Flying Dutchman]

February 15, 2000
Lou Reed cancels Austrian concert
February 10, 2000
American Psycho
John Cale has contributed to the American Psycho movie soundtrack - available from Koch Entertainment April 4, 2000.
  1. Introductory monologue w/ Score - Bateman & John Cale
  2. You Spin Me Round - Dope
  3. Watching Me Fall -The Cure (remix by Underdog from Massive Attack)
  4. Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix) - David Bowie
  5. Trouble - Daniel Ash with Adrian Utley of Portishead
  6. Who Feels It Knows It (Remix) - The Tom Tom Club
  7. American Psycho - Coldcut
  8. Monologue w/ Score - Bateman and John Cale
  9. True Faith - New Order
  10. Pump Up The Volume - MARRS
  11. I Wanna Know (What You're Thinking) - Information Society
  12. Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix) - Eric B. & Rakim
  13. Hip 2 Be Square - Huey Lewis & The News
  14. Closing monologue with Score - Bateman and John Cale

[Source: American Psycho]

February 9, 2000
South by Southwest
John Cale has just been confirmed at South by Southwest in Austin March 15-16. He will be appearing at a tribute to Sterling Morrison with Alejandro Escovedo and also on a panel about Morrison as well as performing at a showcase.

[Source: the John Cale mailing list]

February 9, 2000
Beautiful Mistakes
John Cale will conceive and produce the original film soundtrack for Chris Foster's Beautiful Mistakes. The soundtrack will include Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia, Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.

[Source: Les Inrockuptibles no. 229, February 8-14, 2000]

February 8, 2000
Lou Reed reissues
On March 21, RCA will issue an expanded version of Reed's classic live album, Rock 'n' Roll Animal, with two previously unreleased bonus tracks - Caroline Says I and How Do You Think That It Feels. And later this Spring, the rejuvenated Buddha label plans reissues of The Bells, Growing Up in Public, Rock and Roll Heart and Take No Prisoners, with the possibility of bonus tracks now being discussed.

[Source: ICE online]

January 30, 2000
Poetry - the new Bob Wilson/Lou Reed opera - is premiered at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg on February 13.

[Source: the flying Dutchman]

January 26, 2000
Andy Warhol: A Factory
Andy Warhol: A Factory exhibition opens on February 11 at the Museum Of Modern Arts of Fundação Serralves in Oporto, Portugal. It's going to be there til the end of April. Along with the exhibition, John Cale will play on the 18th and 19th of February and Tony Conrad will play on the 11th of March.

[Source: Nuno Robles]

January 22, 2000
Afterhours: the twilight of the Velvets
MOJO #75 February's issue of MOJO UK magazine (#75) has a full color Velvet Underground cover and features 8-page story of the band from 1969 to the early 70s post-Lou days. The article by Thomas Anderson and David Fricke - part of a Cult Heroes special - is based on quotes by Sterling, Doug, Lou, Maureen, Dany Fields, Geoffrey Haslam, Billy Yule, Waler Powers, Ian Paice and Rob Norris. It also offers 11 photos - some previously unpublished.

"Decline and fall of the Factory favourites."

"Once the darlings of New York, they were reduced to playing fleapits and ski-lodges. But the Velvets' failure produced some great songs - and great stories."

January 21, 2000
Lou Reed Tour 2000
Lou Reed's US/European tour dates are now available on Sister Ray Enterprises - the official Lou Reed web site - at
January 14, 2000
100 Years of Attitude
MOJO UK magazine (issue no. 74, January 2000) has asked over 50 of their favorite musicians to name the chance encounters that changed their lives. Lou Reed has choosen "August 16, 1939 - Charlie Christian hotwires Benny Goodman.". Lou Reed comments: "The most important moment of this century? It's the one where they invented the electric guitar."

Same issue has a review of the Velvet Underground's Aspen Loop flexi in the Nuggets section. A perfect copy of the whole Aspen #3 box is given for £1000...

January 14, 2000
20th Century Essentials
The Velvet Underground And Nico is listed by Record Collector UK magazine (issue no. 245, January 2000) among the 200 greatest albums of all time. The record appears in the 10 best sixties album section.
January 6, 2000
Advance Ecstasy
Ecstasy US advance promotional CDs for Lou Reed's Ecstasy album - which isn't due out until April - have been released (Reprise 2-47425-AB).

Tracks are: Paranoia Key of E, Mystic Child, Mad, Ecstasy, Modern Dance, Tatters, Future Farmers of America, Turning Time Around, White Prism, Rock Minuet, Baton Rouge, Like a Possum, Rouge, and Big Sky.


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