Jerry Ragovoy (a.k.a. Norman Meade): The Tran-Sisters were a group of 3 young girls who had a good sense of harmony, a good blend, and sound. They were from New Jersey. Also, Norman Meade was when I was an Anglo-Saxon.

[source: The Spectropop Group]

Imperial 5952 (audition copy)
"for audition" copy

stock copy

Somebody's Blue [2:30]
(T. Darryl)
You Could've Knocked Me Over [2:25]
(L. Kusik & N. Meade)

Imperial 5952, Hollywood CA, U.S.A., 1963

A-side: IM 5516
B-side: IM 5517

Produced and arranged by Jerry Ragavoy

Somebody's Blue

You Could've Knocked Me Over

Imperial 5983

Pull The Covers Right Up (Over My Head) [2:40?]
(N. Meade & W. Robinson)
Your Love [2:29?]
(F. Fenner, R. Moore & N. Meade)

Imperial 5983, Hollywood CA, U.S.A., 196?

A-side: ???
B-side: ???

Produced and arranged by Jerry Ragavoy


Let It In [2:14]
(Philips - Vance)
Tomorrow The World Will Know [2:25]
(Philips - Vance - Sims)

7 inch 45, Pickwick City PPC-1003, USA, 1965

A-side: ???
B-side: ???

This 45 is credited to THE Tran-Sisters - so is that the same group? This single is number 3 in the Pickwick City 45 catalog (PPC-1001 is The Primitives (The Ostrich b/w Sneaky Pete), PPC-1002 is The Foxes (The Sassy One b/w Get 'em With A Wink), PPC-1004 is The Uptown Girls (Summer Story b/w Crazy Talk). Barmour Music publisher and Lee Haridan production. Jerry Vance is musical director. The writing credits go to Pickwick staffers Philips, Vance and Sims. D.J. copy.

Thanks to Phil Milstein & Mick Patrick.

by Olivier Landemaine
last updated: April 11, 2004