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Sterling plays on all the Velvet Underground records with the exception of Squeeze. See The Velvet Underground Web Page for a detailed Velvet Underground discography

The VU & Nico The Velvet Underground And Nico
Verve V/V6-5008, March 1967

Sterling plays for rythm guitar and bass guitar and shares the writing credits on European Son.

Sterling says: "I love the 'Banana album' so much. It's so innocent. Everybody was saying this is the vision of all-time evil and I always said well, we're not going to lie. It's pretty. 'Venus in Furs' is a beautiful song. It was the closest we ever came in my mind to being exactly what I thought we could be. Always on other songs I'm hearing what I'm hearing but I'm also hearing what I wish I were hearing."

White Light... White Light/White Heat
Verve V/V6-5046, January 1968

Sterling is credited for vocals, guitar, bass guitar and co-credited for writing music on The Gift, Here She Comes Now, and Sister Ray.

Sterling says: "No producer could over-ride our taste. We'd do a whole lot of takes, and then there would be a big brawl over which one to use. Of course everyone would opt for the take where they sounded best. It was a tremendous hassle, so on 'Sister Ray', which we knew was going to be a major eftort, we stared at each other and said, 'This is going to be one take. So whatever you want to do, you better do it now'. And that explains what is going on in the mix. There is a musical struggle - everyone's trying to do what he wants to do every second, and nobody's backing off. I think it's great the way the organ comes in. Cale starts to try and play a solo. He's totally buried and there's a sort of surge and then he's pulling out all the stops until he just rises out of the pack. He was able to get louder than Lou and I were. The drums are almost totally drowned out."

The Velvet... The Velvet Underground
MGM SE-4617, March 1969

Sterling is credited for vocals, guitar, co-vocal on The Murder Mystery.

Sterling says: "We did the third album deliberately as anti-production. It sounds like it was done in a closet - it's flat, and that's the way we wanted it. The songs are all very quiet and it's kind of insane. I like the album."

Loaded Loaded
Cotillion SD 9034, September 1970

Sterling is credited for lead & rythm guitars & song composition.

Sterling says: "The album came out okay, as far as production it's the best, but it would have been better if it had real good Lou vocals on all the tracks."

Live at Max's... Live At Max's Kansas City
Cotillion SD 9500, May 1972

Sterling is credited for lead & rythm guitars.

Sterling says: "The thing I've said in the past about the live at Max's album, is that it's unfortunate that Brigid was down there on a weeknight, maybe it made for a better tape, but it seems quiet, that's because she didn't have any kind of mike to pick up background noise. It seems to me that she was there for the first set on a tuesday night, or something. It's certainly not a weekend."

1969 1969 Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed
Mercury SRM 2-7504, September 1974

Sterling says: "Well, I don't like it, and I like it less because I don't get royalties for it, because I signed them all away. I was deceived by a number of people. I hope it sold very poorly. I hope nobody likes it.

Polygram 823 299, February 1985

Another... Another View
Polygram 829 405, September 1986

Sire/Warner Bros. 9362-45464-2, November 1993

I Spent... I Spent A Week There The Other Night
New Rose 273, October 1991

Sterling plays on:

  • Blue, All The Way To Canada (12 string)
  • Too Shy (lead guitar)
  • I'm Not (rhythm guitar)

Oh No... Oh No They're Recording This Show
New Rose 422 418, September 1992

Recorded Live at l'Ubu, Rennes, France, on Feb. 23, 1992. Sterling plays on all the tracks.

Dogs... Dogs Under Stress
New Rose 422 492, February 1994

Sterling plays on:

  • Me, Myself & I (guitar fills)
  • I Don't Understand (rhythm guitar, first half of guitar solo)
  • Danny Boy (electric sitar)
  • Little Girl (guitar fills)
  • I Wanna (lead guitar)
John Peel Session - March 1992
Moe Tucker homemade cassette

Sterling plays on the 4 tracks.

Chelsea Girl Nico - Chelsea Girl
Verve V6-5032, October 1967

Sterling plays and co-writes Chelsea Girls with Lou Reed.

Shotgun Rationale - Rollercoaster
Vince Lombardy Records EFA CD 11894, 1993

Sterling plays guitar on Buddhists On Fire.

Bewitched Luna - Bewitched
Elektra 61617-2, 1994

Sterling plays electric guitar on Friendly Advice and Great Jones Street.

Various artists - FMQB Vol. 3 #2
FMQB Vol. 3 #2, March 1994

Includes Great Jones Street by Dean Wareham and Sterling Morrison.

Antartida John Cale - Antártida
Crepuscule 0630118962, 1995

Film soundtrack. Sterling plays guitar on People Who Died, written by Jim Carroll.

Stainless Gamelan John Cale - Stainless Gamelan
Table of the Elements TOE-CD-80, 2002

Third disc in the New York in the 1960s series produced from archival recordings by Tony Conrad. Sterling plays guitar on Stainless Steel Gamelan (mid-1960s) and At About This Time Mozart Was Dead And Joseph Conrad Was Sailing the Seven Seas Learning English (May 1967).

See The Velvet Underground Web Page for a detailed Velvet Underground bootleg discography.

Searchin' The Velvet Underground - Searchin' For My Mainline
3-LP Wild Records 101-2-3, 1987

Sterling overdubs guitar in September 1985 on a 1984 live version of I'm Waiting For The Man performed by John Cale solo on piano. Originally from Spanish/Catalonian Arsenal TV show, 1986.

Even... The Velvet Underground - Even More Vengeance
CD DIYE 32, 1993

Sterling and Lou Reed join in with John Cale on two tracks recorded at New York University on Dec. 5, 1992 - Style It Takes and Forever Changed

The Warrior Heart...

The Warrior Heart Of The Velvet Underground
Another Rolling Stone Records ARSR-0002-1/2 MONO, Japan, 2006
Another Rolling Stone Records ARSR-0002-1/2 STEREO, Japan, 2006

Cover compilation of The Velvet Underground played by Japanese bands. Track 8 on disc 2 is 10:10 of Sterling Morrison playing guitar for the Arsenal Catalan TV documentary.


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