Doug Yule


February 25, 1947
beginning to see the light...

playing guitar with some bands in Boston. Playing organ in a cover band known as the Argonauts, and then the Argo.

flyer 1968
playing with Walter Powers and Willie Alexander in The Grass Menagerie, a Boston based band supported by Hans Onsager - the Velvet Underground road manager.

late September 1968
joining in The Velvet Underground.

October 4, 1968
first live appearance with the Velvet Underground at La Cave in Cleveland OH.

November-December 1968
recording The Velvet Underground, third VU album, at T.T.G. Studios, Hollywood CA.

April-July 1970
recording Loaded, fourth and last VU studio album with Lou Reed, at Atlantic Studios, New York.

late 1971
touring in Europe with Moe Tucker, Willie Alexander and Walter Powers.

October 1972
recording Squeeze with Ian Paice on drums, in London, UK.

late 1972
touring in UK with Rob Norris, George Kay, and Mark Nauseff.

May 27, 1973
last post-Lou Reed Velvet Underground performance at Oliver's, Boston MA, with Billy Yule, George Kay and Don Silverman.

Spring 1974
playing bass on Billy, a song from Lou Reed's Sally Can't Dance album, recorded at Electric Lady Studios, NYC.

first week of January 1975
playing bass with Lou Reed during the first Coney Island Baby recording sessions at Electric Lady Studios, NYC.

February-August 1975
playing guitar on tour with Lou Reed in Europe, Canada, USA and Far East.

Autumn 1975
playing on Eliott Murphy's Night Lights album, recorded at Electric Lady Studios, NYC.

American Flyer1976-77
playing with American Flyer - 2 albums recorded in various studios in California.

early 1997?
recording the Song Cycle home demos.

September 1997
recording 3 songs in at Zippah Studios in Boston MA, with Malcom Travis, Charlie Chesterman, Tim Obetz, and Pete Weiss. Produced and engineered by Pete Weiss with Peter Linnane.

November 1998
back on record with Beginning To Get It appearing on A Place To Call Home - a benefit compilation for the Mass. Adoption Agency.

Ad May 25, 2000
back on stage at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle WA for Unloaded - An Homage to the work of the Velvet Underground. Doug's set is Candy Says, Beginning To See, What Goes On and Sweet Jane.

November 4, 2000
playing live for Terrastock 4 at Showbox Theater in Seattle WA.

August 31, 2006
Mark Gardener (ex-Ride) and Doug Yule play a special intimate show together at Pianos, Ludlow St., NYC on August 31, 2006 10PM. This show was fimed and recorded. Read full review by Sal Mercuri.

Doug Yule plays bass on tour with an instrumental rock band called the Weisstronauts. The connection is the 'Nauts leader, studio owner & producer / engineer Pete Weiss. Pete had recorded a few tracks for a projected solo disc that was never completed (one track appears on the "A Place To Call Home" sampler). A few months... or maybe a year later, Doug came over to Pete's studio in Vermont, where we recorded a few tracks for the Weisstronauts' 2008 release "Instro-tainment!" Doug played on 3 songs: "Chicky" (fiddle), "Banana Suit" (bass) and :"What Goes On" (yes, that one) (bass & fiddle)


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