Doug Yule

Song Cycle

Synopsis of the story around which this cycle is arranged.

Ten thousand years back or so, a girl from one tribe, hunter-gatherers, meets and falls for a guy from another tribe, a new breed practicing the latest craze, totalitarian agriculture. Despite the obvious omens, they take up with each other and plan to marry. His village and her father eventually convince her to present him an ultimatum; leave home or 'forget me'. He leaves, they love, here are five bits of the music.

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Love Song, Beginning To See, The Rehearsal, White Devils, Two More Hands

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(1'07, 173 Ko)
©1997 Doug Yule/Leaver Productions

These songs were recorded on a Tascam 414 four track cassette machine. Doug plays a Stuart Spector bass, a rented Euphonium, a nameless guitar he made himself from an old piece of swamp maple with a pick-up he practically stole off of Ned Steinberger, a digeridoo made out of plumbing parts, an accordian bought at Goodwill (on a sale day) and an acoustic Guild D-45 that has survived for twenty odd years in pristine condition


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