Doug Yule

Leaver Sessions

Doug Yule 1998, self-portrait

The name may be familiar, but the music is a revelation. As a member of the Velvet Underground, arguably the most important American Rock-n-Roll band, Doug Yule had a hand in creating classics like 'Sweet Jane', 'Rock-n-Roll', 'What Goes On', and 'Jesus' among others. His work on the Velvets landmark third LP and 'Loaded', as well as the countless official and bootleg live recordings, have secured his place in Rock-n-Roll history.

After the Velvets, Doug kept his hand in the music business via session work with Hall and Oates and Elliott Murphy, and even joining old VU cohort Lou Reed in a legendary world tour as lead guitarist. ln the late seventies, Doug formed American Flyer with members of Pure Prairie League and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The band recorded two albums of country tinged, west coast Rock with contributions from luminaries like Linda Ronstadt, J.D. Souther, and producer George Martin before succumbing to internal strife.

Doug abandoned the music business, understandably disillusioned and dissatisfied, and focused his vision on 'real life'. He worked as a carpenter and found happiness and satisfaction as a devoted family man.

Doug is a natural musician, so it was only a matter of time before he could be coaxed back into the studio. His talents have broadened to where he is proficient on several instruments, bass, guitar, keyboards, horns, and his latest passion - the fiddle. Doug's voice is as honest and sweet as ever, recalling the natural link between Gram Parsons and Mark Olson.

The three songs on this disc are part of a larger project. Doug's homemade 4 track demos were heard by producer Pete Weiss who was impressed enough to fly Doug out to Boston and arrange sessions with a great band. The experience of playing with some fine musicians was very satisfying for Doug and he believes he's back, this time to stay.


Beginning to Get it, Love Song #1, Rules to the Game

All songs written by Doug Yule © 1997 Leaver Productions

Doug Yule: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Pete Weiss: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tim Obetz: Pedal Steel Guitar
Malcolm Travis: Drums
Charlie Chesterman: Harmonica

Recorded at Zippah Studios, Boston, MA.
Produced and Engineered by Pete Weiss with Peter Linnane


Created by Olivier Landemaine
Last modified: October 26, 2008